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I have the boxset of The Shannara Chronicles, another one of these series they keep disappearing from the streaming services. It features two absolutely great actresses: Ivana Baquero and (from season two) Melise. Both are utterly cool here, which is sort of what this show is about.

Ivana was the little girl in Pan's Labyrinth and also as an adult she impresses a lot. Melise is an actress and singer who previously played 'rock chick' Lucy Stone in Big Time Rush. I was playing one of her songs just today.

Starting my rewatch of the show now.
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From the makers of Wednesday apparently, I didn't know that. It does mean that getting a premonition is signalled by the actress suddenly and violently looking up to the sky.
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It is set in a time after our time, when nature has mostly recovered from us and everything is overgrown with lush forests. The story starts in the Kingdom of the Elves and with a premonition showing the end of times and the destruction of all life.

It takes a while to establish the main characters, in fact you're introduced first to some Elf characters that will not be that important in the long run.