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My favourite period? This exact moment when King Edward desperately wanted a male heir to succeed him on the English throne, was dying, and nature told them no. Every descendant, even from the lines they didn't want (bastards, Catholics), was female. So on his death bed, he placed a woman in line of the succession for the first time ever: Jane, a 16 year old girl and I think one of the brightest people ever. She did become queen that next day and stayed so for a few more days, deposed by another woman (Mary I) who raised an army.

This is Tudor times and I don't know whether that counts as medieval or modern.

Tudor royal family tree at the time of Edward VI's death, indicating a whole lot of sons to be in line of the succession, but they didn't exist yet nor were these women even pregnant. Jane is the only woman also in line, in a change to the original plan.
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For people who are interested in "Western" history, what's your favorite period?

(I realize that breaking it down like this is probably going to piss some people off, but there are only 4 poll options and this isn't a fuckin journal)