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I'm watching Daniela Bobadilla in Face 2 Face, a film from 2016 in which she plays the lead. I found it's available on Amazon Prime Video. Recently she filmed another film, The Happy Camper, of which she shared some behind the scenes things on her Instagram. That seemed a very joyful experience, she was very much a happy camper filming that.
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A very interesting film that is mainly an online video conversation between the two main characters. They knew each other from when they were little kids playing in a tree house, but now they live far apart and at the end of their high school years he's lonely without any friends and she seems to be a party girl who got it all together. Stuff happens and I may have suspected these exact things to happen, but that doesn't take away from this film being a great watch with great performances.

The film has comments on social media when she helps him setup a Facebook page and get friends ('acquaintances') and when she posts beach photos while grounded ('the internet doesn't know I'm grounded'). I understand it was very interesting for the actors to film the dialogue as a video call, quite different from other films.