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Remembering that time when Miranda Cosgrove and Mia Serafino were doing an hour long live to promote their show Crowded. Also, Miranda's friend had a litter of kittens, so they had gone over there to film. The result was that there was much cooing over kittens and 10 seconds before their show would start they were like 'We forgot to promote the show. Anyway, go watch Crowded!'.

(Great show though, and cute kittens)
in reply to Gidi Kroon

Miranda's live tweeting was still kitten pictures.

I like that they did these promotional things out of the control of the studio. No way the legal department of the studio would have allowed to use the house of an unrelated, non-celebrity, individual.
in reply to Gidi Kroon

Another week, there were more people there for the live, including the guy who plays their father in the show (Patrick Warburton). They were playing a game of Never Have I Ever, and when the question came up of sneaking out of the window to go to a party your parents had forbidden you to go to, all eyes turned to Mia since her image is a bit of trouble personified (I can't speak for the real her of course). But she never had done that. Slowly they saw that only Miranda had her hand raised, having ever done that before, causing him to say in his deep booming voice: "No! Not the Good One!", which incidentally is literally a line from the show.