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I did a quick check whether the embed functionality is working these days. My results:

  • Instagram: no
  • Twitter: yes, quite nicely
  • Tumblr: not really
  • Mastodon: not really
  • Friendica: no

The tumblr result surprised me, it is supposed to work. It is legal and not a copyright breach to include a Twitter embed of a post on your own site and it supports the poster without e.g. stealing an artist's work.
This was while testing with wordpress and its standard embed flow. When using iframely though it's quite different. (iframely is a commercial embed api provider and you can test urls at

There Instagram works because they have a valid api key for it. Tumblr also works as it should. Surprisingly Mastodon also gets a rich embed card. Not so surprisingly anymore when I saw that their marketing docs literally mention that they include support for:

"distributed platforms such as Peertube and Mastodon"
Which leaves only Friendica, which gets the default fallback of a standard summary card.