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Ok, got a message from Instagram that they are going to put my data into AI (presumably to decrease the I). There's a link somewhere in the message that you have the 'right to object'. Obviously the link is a dead link.
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The form now works. That is, the link to the form works. You need to enter (required) how being ingested into AI affects you, so I wrote some stuff. Then you also need to enter your country and email. They send a code to the email, which you need to enter. Then they tell you your country doesn't exist.

After many tries I found the trick: don't pick the name of your country from the auto complete. Fill in the abbreviation like NL. It does accept that. Full force dark patterns...
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And it's approved. My right to object is approved. Thanks Meta for approving my right.

I don't believe at all that they actually read what you write in the reason.