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Happy Birthday Georgina Leonidas!

Yeah, Georgina is born on double the date of her older sister, Stephanie, which makes it easy to remember for me. And I have a calendar on my phone.

I like to rewatch something to mark the occasion, but not much of hers is available on streaming services or on dvd. If you ignore a major film series about a boy wizard that is. So YouTube clips it is. I randomly chose this Basil Brush episode from the playlist I made last year.
#GeorginaLeonidas #BirthdayRewatch

The Basil Brush Show S04E06 The Stupid Christmas I Mean Halloween Episode
The YouTube playlist is: . I especially recommend the Jessie Cave videos like the Flat Whites series, they are very funny (I love Flat Whites: The Wheel).

Georgina is also in Father Brown (episode 3x09) and New Tricks (episode 6x03).
Rewatching New Tricks episode 6x03 "Fresh Starts" for the Birthday Rewatch for Georgina Leonidas. In this episode she has a significant guest role which she of course performs rather brilliantly.
#GeorginaLeonidas #NewTricks
I've seen most episodes of this twelve year long series and I think this episode may be the best one. Intricate story, more difficult themes than normally, very emotional. And as I said, Georgina is really great in it.