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Of course I moved on to Belly's "star", an album I really totally love. From 1993.
Back of the CD with song titles and booklet unfolded showing a photo of the band
Song 1 is about her musical split from her sister. Song 2 is about, actually that's the same. Song 3 might be as well. Yeah, there's a theme.
One of these albums where with each song that comes up you decide that that is your favourite song from the album. Currently at "Untogether".
Though I must admit I never really understand lyrics and am guessing. In the case of Tanya Donelly I've heard it's not really my fault. A lot of her lyrics sound like they're metaphors for some deep stuff, but are instead just things that happened to her that no one could have known.

In some song she describes shiny lights from under the water. What does that mean? Actually, as a kid she did an experiment with coloured (water proof) Christmas lights in the bathtub and liked the way it looked.

"this little squirrel I used to be slammed her bike down the stairs they put silver where her teeth had been baby silver-tooth she grins and grins"? Yes, real event. Indoor bicycle accident as a little girl where she broke her teeth.