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There have been enough Someone should do something-days that I know that ultimately nothing will get done and I'm at a loss how to change it. Yet again many children have died in the US, very young ones this time, again. But the majority of elected leaders in that country are of the opinion that guns are more important than those children's lives, so it doesn't seem they will change anything.

It seems a typically American problem, but I guess one possible solution is the same as in other democracies: make it clear as a voter that you have your red lines. It's all good weighing different parts of someone's political stance and stepping over some things in favour of other things, but if you step over them allowing children being murdered, at least know who and what you are.

There's this group that's so anti-abortion that they allow themselves to support candidates that cause children's deaths. You are seen for what you are.
They are already moving towards doing nothing, way sooner than normal. I'm sick.