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Now playing a CD virtually nobody has, not even Tidal or Spotify have it: Alex Parks with "Honesty", from 2005. I have no idea why everybody has forgotten about her, she's so good.

This is her second album. Her first did reasonably well, she was also known from tv in the UK, but this second slipped everyone by.

CD cover of Alex Parks, "Honesty", with her face
She was on one of these early talent shows when you could still find some talent. I think at some point one of the teachers / trainers when first hearing her sing let slip 'why are you here? You don't need this'. Then in the final the final two contestants sang together with a famous UK singer, who after the song, live on tv, said it was such an honour to have sung this duet with Alex, until the presenter reminded him he had been singing with the other contestant too. 'Just vote for Alex' he said according to wikipedia, but I don't remember that bit. Anyway, she was so much better than all the others, it was embarrassing...