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What to do if you're on mobile and there's a function in the website you're browsing that's accessed by 'just hovering over it'? Well, I don't really know, but some things that help me sometimes:

  • If you have an s-pen, you can hover with that
  • long tap the item so the context menu pops up. Click outside it so it disappears, the hover popup may also have popped up behind it and still be there. (Works sometimes in Friendica)
  • in some circumstances you can tap just long enough for it not to be a click (short tap), but short enough not to be a right click (long tap), but it still brings up the hover popup. (Works sometimes in Pleroma)
  • if the thing you wanted to see was alt text (image description), in some browsers like Chrome it will show on top of the context menu. So long tap... If the text is not fully shown, tap on the text and it expands.

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