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People in the US and the UK can now see the Charlie-centric episode Mourning Cloak of Fear The Walking Dead (7x10). For me that's going to be another couple of months if not a year. In yesterday's Insta-takeover Alexa Nisenson (who plays Charlie) revealed what her favourite episodes of each season were to film: 7x10 Mourning Cloak, 6x07 Damage From The Inside, 5x04 Skidmark and 4x10 Close Your Eyes. I've watched the latter many times already and can concur that it's a great episode, as are the others she mentions, though 5x12 Ner Tamid is a classic too.

Since I can't watch season 7, but want to mark the occasion anyway, I'll be rewatching these other episodes. In reverse order. Starting with session 6's Damage From The Inside.
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Alicia and Charlie together again, great! Don't know why Strand asks Alicia to find Dakota though, Charlie is all about finding things.
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Also Charlie's first (onscreen) walker kill.
It's also a great episode if you love Alycia Debnam-Carey, which I do.