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Giving Archive 81 on Netflix a chance. Looks interesting. In a surprise move from me it's not because it has an actress I'm following in it. Things can change of course...
So let us know what you think?
I am rewatching Love Death + Robots which is such a cool show.
@Mary Mara's Kitten Bakery I've only seen the first episode so far so I can't really say yet. It takes the whole episode, maybe more, to get the story going. I don't know yet whether it's a mystery or more of a horror / thriller kind of thing. It's at least interesting enough to watch some more episodes (another day).

Premise: a guy has a job restoring old damaged videocamera tapes, but has a mystery in his own past. Why he has this job is unclear. In another timeline a woman films moving into an appartement building and interviewing the residents. Why she does this is unclear. It's her tapes he's restoring (so the pov of the story keeps flipping between the timelines quite naturally). Somehow his mystery and her mystery could be intertwined.
Aaaahhhh, I believe I started watching it but got bored and did not go in with it. Thanks for sharing! If it turns out to be real good, let me know please 😜