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I switched off the twitter cards plugin on my site and now the twitter cards are no longer working. I wonder whether there's a connection.

The plugin was not maintained and also switching it back on didn't fix the cards according to the validator, so I leave it off. I guess I'll just have to adapt the theme myself.
I don't even know what Twitter Cards are 😂
@Mary Mara's Kitten Bakery It's when you add a link to a site, e.g. a news article, in a tweet and twitter shows it with a preview of the site, usually a photo with a title and a description. The thing is that twitter can't know what to show in that preview card, so each site contains hidden codes to tell twitter what to show in the twitter card for that site. Facebook also shows previews of links, but needs different hidden codes. And there are several other systems too... So each site ends up with quite a lot of hidden configuration just to make all these social networks work.
Aaah, thank you! I honestly never thought about that, make sense. Interesting. ❤️😍