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I'm clearly not keeping up with blogging about Jenna Ortega news because there is just so much of it. How can she do more things than I can write 'she did this thing'... Until I've caught up a quick overview:

  • She stunned at the MET gala last month and with that attendance brought in much money for charity
  • She stunned again at the MTV Movie & TV Awards yesterday, on the red carpet and on stage where she presented an award to Olivia Rodrigo
  • She won at the MTV Movie & TV Awards for her performance in Scream
  • Scream, X, Studio 666 are all out on digital and discs
  • American Carnage, the film she made long ago (I think 2019), finally has a trailer out and has a release date set for next month
  • Wednesday is coming in the Fall and will have a first look today
  • She just finished filming the film Finestkind two days ago
  • She will film Scream 6 this summer