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I have the disc of Underworld: Blood Wars in my to-watch stack and I think I better check where in the series this one fits before I watch it. Because I'm lost. I skipped the non-Kate Beckinsale ones, that I do know.
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Why does imdb not have nice franchise lists... Wikipedia to the rescue and this article has a nice table overview:

I think I've seen the previous one (Underworld: Awakening), so I'm good to go for this last one.
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This is the last one in the franchise, it's possible I find out why. (There are some final seasons of tv series where you realise they really had to stop)

It's a bit light on storytelling and on characterisation, but entertaining enough.

Maybe the "Dawn Alert!" over the PA system of the vampire coven was the best bit.

Selene does so much pining for her daughter Eve and others do so much searching for her, that maybe they should rewatch Underworld: Awakening and see India Eisley as Eve. Somehow the memory of that performance is what underpins this film.