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1 February 2024 could see a large increase in IPv6 usage. From that date, Amazon (AWS) will charge for using IPv4 and it's going to be quite expensive. Until now it has been essentially free.

Each server you run typically needs one IPv4 address. The price for this one address will be comparable to the price of running the server itself, essentially doubling the cost of running a Friendica, Pleroma, etc server.

I think IPv6 will still be free.

The solutions like NAT and Elastic Load Balancer are expensive. The NAT service (for outgoing connections) only becomes cost effective over ten servers. ELB (as an Application Load Balancer for incoming connections) only over five servers; but in that case you still need a NAT as well, and you would need to allow Amazon to manage your SSL certificates.

Other solutions: set up a single reverse proxy (nginx) for all apps including an outgoing proxy, setting up an Instance Connect Endpoint for your private (ssh) needs, or just finally switch to IPv6.
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