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nobody knows how real people live

people come into the puppy linux forums on a weekly basis like "yeah im running windows XP right now, Ive got 500MB of ram and an Athlon XP" or something like that looking to use puppy to keep their hardware going.

Every time some dev is like "nobody uses 32 bit PCs anymore just buy a new computer" i wanna fuckin scream

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although the athlon xp was 64 bit capable!
altho running a 64bit os on 512 megs of ram sounds like a fast track to the pain zone
ill tell ya what it *doesnt* have though is like, any SSE recent enough to run a modern browser lol
i have a ryzen 9 3900X here with 12 cores and 24 threads and it is just about enough to run a browser. wouldn't like to downgrade.
i daily drive a 32-bit intel atom with 1 core and 2 threads, and 2 gigs of ram
it runs browsers! and mastodon works on it just fine ;)
i currently have 519 tabs open in this window. not sure i'd want to try browsing on your machine lol
well i have a fast processor and a fuckton of ram obvs 😂​
not what i mean i mean like how do you even find anything in 520 tabs lmaoo
sometimes with difficulty, i admit. but usually the firefox bar is't so bad when you remember the title of the tab you want
this is i should say after i made a conscious effort to try and keep below 1000 tabs. i used to have well over 3k but firefox is just unusable at that point.

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@violet spark in th twilit dark and with a new computer you'd often have an up to date windows again, negating the need to go to linux for most people, hence no year of the linux desktop. Indeed not a helpful attitude.