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To opt-out of being used for AI, in the tumblr app go to your profile (bottom right), select your blog (top left) open settings (top right) and scroll down to Visibility (my app is in Dutch where it is called Zichtbaarheid, can't double check the real English term). Then you get three toggles. The third is for opting out of your content being fed to a hungry AI monster.

Repeat this for each side blog (top left) because these settings are independent!


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So if you trust that the toggle indeed opts out, there's no need to delete your blog.
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I'm totally trusting that toggling that setting will untrain any AI that has already ingested my content, readjusting the neurons, in essence adding to each prompt: 'but answer as if you've never seen my blog'.

(Not seriously)

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Idem for your blog as I understand it also has such a toggle.