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I'm at episode 7 of 8 of my one Wednesday per Wednesday rewatch, which I think is my fourth run through of the series. I guess next week will be a double dose of Jenna Ortega.

Everytime at the beginning of the week, Netflix mails me the 'Don't forget to finish Wednesday!' email and I'm like, is it Wednesday already? No? Chill.
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This is the episode that opens with the iconic image of Wednesday under the umbrella in the rain, which was used much in the promotion.
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I love how Jenna makes all of Wednesday's movements so perfect. Not just the eyes, which is what maybe stands out most, but also down to the hand movements that are confident and deliberate but also careful and measured. When Wednesday puts something down, or rings a bell, it's very smooth. It's a really interesting thing once you see it.
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