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Terms of Service

This is my personal Friendica instance. If I decide to allow other people to register I will update these terms of service. Until then any other accounts on this instance are likely my alts.

This server is hosted at Amazon in Dublin, Ireland. EU rules apply. The admin is a resident of The Netherlands, so specifically Dutch law applies.

When I do create a proper Terms of Service, they will likely contain the following principles. For now I will keep myself to these principles while posting from this instance.

  • Don't cause any harm or humiliation, to either persons (harassment) or groups (hate speech).
  • Be nice to each other. Cause comfort rather than discomfort. Do good. Be supportive.
  • No discrimination based on any of the criteria defined in Dutch law is allowed. The relevant Article 1 of the Dutch constitution:
    All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.

    This 'any other grounds whatsoever' to me includes ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and gender. On this server it applies to all persons in the world.

  • Any content not suited for 'polite society' has to be marked as such using the tools the software provides. On Friendica it is not yet possible to mark images as sensitive (NSFW), which makes them shielded from users until they click on them, so a content warning should be used until it does. When entering an abstract for a post, a lot of connecting servers will collapse the post and show the abstract as a Content Warning (CW).
  • Any content illegal in the EU is not allowed. This includes CP in drawing form.
  • Non-consensual sexual content is not allowed. This includes all sexual content involving minors and animals, as there can be no legal consent. It includes content that is suggestive rather than explicit.
  • Users need to be 16 years or older (EU law). When practical, this rule also applies to users from connecting servers; at the moment there's no way to filter these posts out. Note that on US servers the age limit for participating in social media is often 13.
  • If the content you post has an outside source, i.e. you didn't make it, provide credit and a link to the original. Ask yourself whether reposting this content is being supportive of the original creator, if not, don't post it. If the original creator needs the engagement at the original source (to make money, to get hired or commissioned, etc) don't post the content but only the link with a description.

By the nature of a federated social media server, this server stores posts made by both local and external users. Both local and external users can request to have all their posts removed by contacting the admin. Please be able to identify that you are that user. Also note that posts received from external users automatically expire.

You can reach the admin of this server by sending an email to "friendica APENSTAARTJE gidikroon DOT eu". "Apenstaartje" is a Dutch word meaning "monkey's tail" and is the word we use for the "@" character. Please allow several days for me to receive your mail, or even weeks during holidays.