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I don't understand the UK fuel crisis. In a country lead by a very right wing government, which likely believes in the market forces of supply and demand, you would expect that low supply (truck drivers) and normal demand (fuel) would be met with higher resource costs (truck driver wages) to let the market stabilise itself. And higher investment in truck driver training if needed.

Instead they are wining about drivers from low income countries having gone home, after they kicked them out. And are deploying the army to deliver fuel, presumably for free, until the drivers from the low income countries come back on temporary visas. As if they would knowing they are only going to get kicked out again.
#UKpol #Brexit #FuelCrisis
One of the problems here is that low supply has hit rock bottom: there is no supply left. Its not just the European truck drivers who have left the country, but also European waiters, bricklayers, chefs, plumbers, electricians, you name it. Logistics companies are basically left with poaching drivers from each other. Thats great for drivers wages (and these have been too low for ages), but it doesn't help with the fuel supply.

All this has been foreseen of course. This government is not for long-term thinking. It believes in some magic form of free market, in which any demand is immediately magically matched with supply.