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Jenna Ortega may be only a few fleeting moments in Studio 666 but she's the best thing about it and her scenes are worth buying it on iTunes. I'm watching it now and not even skipping to her bits only. I should be careful not to have my dinner coincide with the barbecue scene...

Some technical details for those interested:

  • iTunes allows you to buy some films in 4k (UHD)
  • They play, in 4k, in the app you have for your Apple TV+ subscription on your Google TV Chromecast (on a Samsung TV, though that's not relevant)
  • You can download the film to your PC and get a single .m4v file.
  • This file is however not playable in common players like VLC, so it's likely DRM protected.

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A few more fleeting moments than I remembered... It would be really interesting though to see a prequel with the story of Dream Widow, some potential there.

Jenna's character is Skye Willow, the drummer of legendary 90s band Dream Widow, that you haven't heard of due to the demonic stuff that went on in the house when they recorded their album there. Now, The Foo Fighters have moved in and history may repeat itself... Jenna is part of the backstory of the house, but I think she's one of the demons haunting it as well.
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And I failed in the 'not having dinner coincide with the barbecue scene' thing.

Just back from watching Studio 666 in the cinema. I knew Jenna Ortega would be in it for only a bit, which was true. Impressive how even in these small moments she delivers and makes the experience intense and captivating.
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The trailer for #X comes out tomorrow. The trailer for #Studio666 comes out today. Both are films with #JennaOrtega. Also, #Scream (2022) comes out in the US this Friday and #TheFallout on HBO Max on 27 January.

Busy busy...
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