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The German DVD for The Worst Witch series 1, with the main character flying on a broom stick. Neither Felicity nor Jessica are pictured on the cover. The German title is 'Eine lausige Hexe'.
Episode 6 Jessica Fox comes in as Enid Nightshade. Instantly quite a character.

It has been my theory (without knowing the books) that originally the idea was to have Mildred go up against Ethel as the standard good vs evil battle. But because Mildred is 'the worst witch', and Ethel some sort of perfect witch with lots of talent, these stories were not going to work very well if magic was to be used in the battles. In comes Enid, also without morals, also very good at spells, but she takes an instant dislike to Ethel so she joins Mildred just to upset her.
Teaching the kids puffication without also teaching them repuffication is quite irresponsible.

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Just realised that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s “throw yourself at the ground and miss”

Literally describes orbital mechanics

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@Aurynn Shaw Another thing Douglas Adams was (maybe accidentally) right about is my favourite fact that scientists afterwards discovered that dolphins do really communicate via their jumps, even giving messages that way to humans.

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Dafne Keen on letterboxd reviewing a film with her father in it:

My g will Keen, never heard of him before, decent actor.

(She shared this herself on her Instagram, I'm not revealing anything secret)

New interview with Jenna Ortega for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, with her fellow nominees for the SAG Award in her category. Focusing on Wednesday from an actress perspective. I really like seeing how much work and thought she put into it. The awards are handed out tomorrow I think.
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday #SAGAwards

@Matthias Bürcher I tried adding the magic words to my profile, and as far as I can check two of them are there (searchable and tootfinder), but says that I don't have the magic word in my profile. I checked some profiles of others but I can't find what I'm doing wrong.

Do you have any advice, if you have time? Thanks!
The fallback to HTML does not work, because Friendica seems to use other URLs than Mastodon. This URL goes nowhere
@Matthias Bürcher Ah, that explains it. I thought the webfinger lookup would be used. The feed urls in Friendica are also different from Mastodon, even if the profile lookup would succeed. I had also tried my Pleroma account which gave the same message. Anyway, thanks for looking into it!

(Fyi, the Friendica profile url may be like or without the final /profile and the Pleroma one My feed app discovers the Friendica feed url as (or and for Pleroma
When did you try with Pleroma? I had another user this morning and could solve his problem.
@Matthias Bürcher Yesterday, and just now... (
ok i see the problem. The bio is too long for Pleroma. Acess on the API returns "Interrnal Server error". Access on HTML returns only an abbreviated version of the bio which stops at "nothing wrong with..." because Pleroma limits the bio in the header to about 200 char. The rest will be displayed only with Javasrript in the app, so tootfinder cannot see it.
@Matthias Bürcher ok, thank you for checking. I will experiment with different ways around it later, but your explanation is clear.
Thank you for the details. I have created an issue in the wiki so I can try to make it work once I have some more time.

Upcoming Jenna Ortega appearances: she will present (and hopefully receive) an award at this Sunday's SAG awards and on 11 March she will host SNL.

Rewatching season one of Jessica Jones. I like the idea of the reluctant superhero.
It's one of my favourite opening sequences of a tv show, it looks so beautiful.
It's weird how I have no memory at all about the season's later episodes, it's like seeing them for the first time.

While I'm watching Nicole Muñoz, now for something completely different: Center Stage: On Pointe.
#NicoleMuñoz #CenterStageOnPointe
The blu-ray cover showing various dancers, with Nicole's name listed first
I think that for most dances and dance moves we can see that it's really her and that she's really properly dancing. I had no idea she could do that. A stunt double is credited, so I guess that one is doing some of the lifts and falls.

Content warning: Center Stage: On Pointe

It's daytime and still light outside, so I'll dare to watch this horror film. I don't know anything about it, except it has Nicole Muñoz in it. She's a Canadian actress I know from the tv series Defiance. And that the film is called Pyewacket.
#NicoleMuñoz #Pyewacket #NowWatching
The blu-ray cover, showing a closeup of someone's bloodied hand and a read thread, in the woods, something dead lying on the ground. Yeah, I don't know either, seems very random.

Content warning: Pyewacket

Content warning: Pyewacket

One wall is now minus two layers of wallpaper, one more to go. And three other walls. Time for a film, coffee and cake.
Just noticed that all the wallpaper is now in my hair. Best deal with that first before I spread it around too much.

'We need groups on the fediverse', they say. 'When do we finally get groups'.

See screenshot. I am now on four different implementations of groups. Please stop thinking there are no groups on the fediverse.
Screenshot of the forums panel on my Friendica account, listing several Friendica forums (i.e. groups), a Streams group, a group and a group

My usage flow on the fediverse: encounter someone on Friendica, follow them, copy their address, paste it in Pleroma, follow them there, continue reading on Friendica, encounter a poll (not yet supported by Friendica), copy its address to Pleroma, vote there, see a notification in Pleroma that someone's account has migrated, which Friendica doesn't support, copy their address into Friendica, follow them there.

That's why you usually get two follows from me and why locked accounts see an extra request from me a few days after they migrated.

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There's some really bad wallpaper in one of the rooms, so I decided to pull at a small corner to see how easily it came off before applying water, steam or whatever. Quite easily.
A mountain of torn off wallpaper

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Proof of love

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Rewatching His Dark Materials series 3 from my blu-ray that arrived a few days ago. At episode two, so bear on a boat. Lyra is still asleep, but fortunately Dafne Keen has actual acting to do besides lying in bed, also these early episodes.
#HisDarkMaterials #DafneKeen

Content warning: His Dark Materials series 3 spoilers

Content warning: His Dark Materials series 3 spoilers

laptop: *provides displayport signal*
computer monitor with input auto-detection: no usb-c signal detected, going on standby
me: *manually switches to displayport input*

Every single time.

It's all 'no circles in squares' nowadays.
(The washing instructions on the clothing label that says to not put the clothes in the dryer)

Maybe I should print out some blue check marks and mail them to people who order them. I don't know why, but they seem to be all the rage despite having no further function beyond being a blue check mark.

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And the first bit of messing around of the weekend.

#cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt
A young woman with cybernetic enhancements sits at the centre of a glowing magical circle, reading a magical book.

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Welcome to the start of a new week, creative friends! :happey:

:artcapy4: You can follow this account for boosts of all kinds of creative content from across fedi - art, photography, music, video, performance, writing, crafting, etc.

:sccube: Follow @PixelAndPolyCurator for more digital-focused art, tips, and tutorials

:artcamtrans: Follow @viewfinderCurator for a curated photography feed

What's everyone up to this week, what projects are you working on?

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I'm ALMOST done with a short two page comic I've been working on - just one panel left!
I am working on my online presence outside of the main social platforms. I love being apart of this community of artists, and seeing all of thier creativity.

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#LindyBooth is set to star opposite #BrianaMiddleton in #Metropolis, #SamEsmail's upcoming sci-fi series for #AppleTVPlus. Booth will play Maria.


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One lesson connected to ChatGPT is that reliable pple aren't those who have good answers in general, but those who answer ONLY things they know v. well.

When lost, you'd rather get no direction than a wrong one.

Real doctors let you know what is outside their expertise.

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Watching Luna to celebrate the birthday of Stephanie Leonidas. This film is made by some of the same people that made Mirrormask, which is another great candidate for the birthday rewatch. I chose this one because I can now finally watch my US disc in a player that accepts the region coding. If I remember a theme was a couple mourning after the death of a child, but the events are fantastical and may be based on wishful thinking.
#StephanieLeonidas #Luna #BirthdayRewatch
Photo of the dvd cover which is somewhat monochrome, showing Dervla Kirwan in a forest surrounded my fantastical imagery

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I think the overall word for this film is beautiful. Stephanie is superb.
Seven years it took between filming this film (2007) and it's eventual release (2014). And us in the rest of the world are still waiting (it's only out in the US and UK I think).

I guess there's a certain set of films you're supposed to know to 'know about films' and there's the set of films I've seen and there's no overlap. Personally, I think the 'film gurus' miss out. But it does mean I'm often on my own talking about them.

There's this site that only shows blurred photos of people until you pay. Joke's on them, this matches my eyesight.

My hottake on no day in particular about 'romantic' films. In such films there usually is a male character who really likes (or will like) the female character, appreciate her idiosyncrasies, comes to realise she's exactly who he loves and needs.

There's also a female character who finds out that the male character really loves her, that she looks for someone who respects her, 'gets' her, supports her and that he is that guy.

In both cases, it's about the man. First it's the man loving the woman. Secondly it's the woman wanting someone who loves her. Her own feelings and desires don't seem to matter to script writers of romantic films.
#RomCom #HotTake

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Klimaatbeleid van de VVD: zolang mogelijk de fossiele industrie in stand houden. Zojuist stemde de VVD onze wetswijziging om te stoppen met fossiele subsidies weg.

#Klimaatvandalisme #StopFossieleSubsidies

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Hier helemaal geen VVD fan maar je zou ook kunnen lezen ‘zo lang mogelijk het licht aan houden’. Stoppen met investeren in fossiel moet zsm maar niet voordat we voldoende groene alternatieven hebben. Ook tijdens windstille, grijze dagen. Oplossingen als waterstof opslag komt wel maar zolang dat er niet is en we niet bereidt zijn het land (of zelfs hele delen van Europa) in black-out te gooien, zullen we fossiel overeind moeten houden en dat betekend helaas ook blijven investeren.
@joukjebroier Zoek nou eens uit hoe die subsidies zijn ontstaan.

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

I may have some films and shows with Stephanie Leonidas... I think I already know which one I'm going to rewatch tonight.
A rather large stack of discs with various films and tv shows that feature Stephanie. Including Luna, Mirrormask and the three seasons of Defiance.

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Quite amazing what you don't get in your mentions when you are a man on the Internet.
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Made some popcorn and am rewatching After.Life because of Christina Ricci.
#ChristinaRicci #AfterLife
Arriving late to the funeral.

American Carnage is a film that Jenna Ortega recorded in Spain several years ago. Nothing much was heard about it for a long time, but when Jenna became more famous with The Fallout and Scream, the film was suddenly released with her prominently in all marketing. I'm not sure yet how big her role really is.

It is not available on European blu-ray or on any of my local digital services. So this is the us blu-ray.
#JennaOrtega #AmericanCarnage #NowWatching
Photo of the blu-ray, all characters wear yellow prison-like outfits, Jenna and another character are shown larger than the others.

Content warning: American Carnage (2022) spoilerish

As expected, only the JP character is a main character, others including Jenna's Camila are supporting characters. It's a fun or should I say interesting watch. Interesting concept, but if it wasn't for Jenna my interest would be somewhat less.

I found that you can get dvd players that play any region discs for under €50, if you look for the unknown brands. These manufacture them region-free and sell them as such. This is perfectly legal, even if the studios don't like it.

Blu-rays is another matter. These can only be made to play discs from different regions by hardware modification. In that case you can buy a (major brand) player from a store where they modify the device before shipping it to you. This costs about €100 more than the normal price of the same model, so you end up paying €200-400. It will be region-free for dvd's as well.

But then you finally have freedom to buy the discs where you want. Especially since many films only have us releases nowadays, this was worth it.

Of course, converting it with handbrake is free...
Why a company (a film studio) would prevent you from buying their product in one market when they are never going to release it in another market, I don't know.

This includes streaming btw, we also hardly get any of the streaming releases (either subscription, rental or buy) that the us gets.

Listening to Hope Sandoval. Not in person, but she was once in a room near a membrane that vibrated with the sound of her voice when she was singing and this caused some ones and zeroes to be ordered a certain way. These same ordered ones and zeroes are now causing a membrane in my room to vibrate and it's just like she's here!

Artsy people are clearly the opinion makers in society since you fail as a human being if you don't get or read some art thing but it's completely fashionable to say you don't understand math to the point that you're not even allowed to be seen to try.
People's brains are wired differently of course, but it's grating to constantly have the way you think waved away as unimportant and 'no one needs that'.

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Mock advertisement for prescription medicine featuring a photo of a group of 5 people having a good time. "Side effects may include bleeding from the ears, seizures and cannibalism."

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@MJO The women are clearly contemplating their two options for stopping their ears from bleeding: smashing the guy's guitar or eat him.

'We'll burn that bridge when we get to it'

I tagged myself and I don't like it.

A malaphor is when two metaphors are clumsily and incorrectly combined, such as 'It's as easy as riding a piece of cake' or 'We'll burn that bridge when we get to it'.

Any others?

Advances in technology that allow a computer to do billions of instructions per second mean that they are now really fast waiting for user input.

Happy Birthday, Christina Ricci!

She's 'only' 10 years and 5 days younger than me... I have seen so many films with her, but I think Black Snake Moan is my favourite. I'll be rewatching that now.

For other ideas to celebrate, this is my letterboxd list "Watch for Christina".
#ChristinaRicci #BlackSnakeMoan #BirthdayRewatch
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Content warning: Black Snake Moan

Content warning: Black Snake Moan