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Let's see what more Katie Douglas projects I have access to, for the Birthweek Rewatch. Annoyed I can no longer watch Mary Kills People, her performance in that was amazing, though smallish. But there's always Defiance. I'm rewatching the minisodes that came between S1 and 2, because I think that was mainly her as young Irisa. And if not, it's always worth it to watch Defiance.
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And finally there's Creeped Out, where Katie plays in the season 1 finale double episode Side Show. It's the only remaining thing I can think of that I have access to. If you don't mind watching kids tv, and I don't since some of the greatest tv is kids tv and adults do themselves a disservice excluding it from their entertainment intake, you can see a performance of Katie that is perfect for the reveal at the end. So you'll have to watch it at least twice to appreciate it fully.
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It opens with the circus ringmaster introducing the show and I'm fully expecting someone in the audience to shout out "where's the elephant!". No, I don't make references that can be understood except by a very select few.

Continued with episode 1x03 of Ginny & Georgia, which has a substory with Katie's character Abby, something even her closest friends know nothing about.
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Katie Douglas #BirthdayRewatch: Level 16. Such a great film.

Today Katie Douglas turns 23! Happy Birthday!

Katie is an extremely talented actress. If you don't know her, she's the lead in Level 16, a great film with a great performance, or see her make a supporting role memorable in the tv series Defiance, Mary Kills People and Ginny & Georgia.

I found some photos of her in various roles and publicity shots.

Katie Douglas

Katie in Level 16



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Apparently a Google search for photos of her turns up my own tumblr blog. Yeah, I may have mentioned her before...

(The above photos are not my screenshots. I'll repost these one day from the originals, not the tumblr resized ones)

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