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Today in the #JennaBirthweekRewatch I finished watching The Babysitter: Killer Queen (it was late yesterday) and I'm now doing another episode of You season 2. #JennaOrtega steals that show.

Yesterday I also rewatched an episode of Richie Rich. She's so funny in it! And so tiny, this show was when she was very young...

For today's #JennaBirthweekRewatch I'm going to be a heretic and watch what I consider #JennaOrtega's best horror film: The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Not only is she one of the leads, the film also remains character-based whilst running from killers.
A still from the film (from imdb) with Jenna's character looking at the other lead character, her face bloodied, her hair sticking to the blood on her face. It's a rather romantic moment.

Wishing #JennaOrtega much happiness for her 20th birthday as she gives us fans much happiness seeing her talent in her many projects.

A stack of discs in front of a streaming search screen, all Jenna's projects.

Today in the #JennaBirthweekRewatch : The Fallout on HBO Max. This is still the best film where Jenna as the lead shows how great a character actress she is. #JennaOrtega should be the lead in all films.
That is a seriously good film, really my kind of film, the best. I wish all films were like that, good story, good characters, talented performance, with a heart, meaning. This is why I follow Jenna, because this is what she can do.
Of course for #JennaBirthweekRewatch I'll watch an episode of You season 2 as well. #JennaOrtega 's performance as Ellie was such a masterclass, grounded it and made it the best season.

This Tuesday #JennaOrtega has her 20th birthday and I'll be celebrating by (re)watching her films all week. To start #JennaBirthweekRewatch, the 4k collector's edition of X. #XMovie
Photo of Jenna in the book of the collector's edition 4k, which is the one with her holding the microphone boom

Jenna Ortega presenting a clip from Wednesday on today's Netflix 'Tudum' event.
#JennaOrtega #Netflix #Wednesday
Jenna proudly smiling

Two important dates coming up:

Tuesday 27 September,
Wednesday 23 November.

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
Poster for Wednesday on Netflix with the date Nov 23

Another film is announced with Jenna Ortega: Miller's Girl. They're currently shooting the film.

Other upcoming projects for Jenna: Wednesday, Finestkind, Scream 6.
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl
In my excitement I forgot to add my excitement. It's so amazing that Jenna's films keep coming and coming!
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Jenna Ortega is so amazing in this trailer, the details in the performance are exceptional. I've been singing her praises for a while and I feel so vindicated...
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

Mayhem, mystery and murder — this isn't your average Wednesday.

From the mind of Tim Burton, comes @wednesdayaddams. Premiering this fall

A little detail as example: she learned how to play the cello for this role. There's no just waving a stick around near some strings here and then call it a day like some others would have done.
“Little did I know that I’d be stepping into a nightmare. Full of mystery, mayhem and murder. I think I’m going to love it here.”


Jenna Ortega posted this amazing photo on her Instagram of herself in her Wednesday Addams costume. Can't wait to see what they've made!
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
Jenna as Wednesday lying in the grass, seen upside down, sneakers on someone else's feet also in the frame; everyone wears black

Brooklynn dyed her roots again at the earliest opportunity! I really like these little touches like showing the passing of time by her pink hair growing out.

Watching season 5 of #JurassicWorldCampCretaceous out today on #Netflix, because #JennaOrtega is voicing Brooklynn.

The season 5 trailer for Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is out:

It will be the final season, out this Thursday, and pink haired, smart and courageous Brooklynn is voiced by #JennaOrtega.

Season 5 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (where #JennaOrtega voices Brooklynn) is out 21 July! That's a nice surprise, I didn't even know it was coming.
#JurassicWorldCampCretaceous #JWCC

Jenna Ortega may be only a few fleeting moments in Studio 666 but she's the best thing about it and her scenes are worth buying it on iTunes. I'm watching it now and not even skipping to her bits only. I should be careful not to have my dinner coincide with the barbecue scene...

Some technical details for those interested:

  • iTunes allows you to buy some films in 4k (UHD)
  • They play, in 4k, in the app you have for your Apple TV+ subscription on your Google TV Chromecast (on a Samsung TV, though that's not relevant)
  • You can download the film to your PC and get a single .m4v file.
  • This file is however not playable in common players like VLC, so it's likely DRM protected.

#JennaOrtega #Studio666 #AppleTV #iTunes #DRM
A few more fleeting moments than I remembered... It would be really interesting though to see a prequel with the story of Dream Widow, some potential there.

Jenna's character is Skye Willow, the drummer of legendary 90s band Dream Widow, that you haven't heard of due to the demonic stuff that went on in the house when they recorded their album there. Now, The Foo Fighters have moved in and history may repeat itself... Jenna is part of the backstory of the house, but I think she's one of the demons haunting it as well.
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And I failed in the 'not having dinner coincide with the barbecue scene' thing.

X is out on blu-ray in Europe! I saw this film in the cinema and it was amazing.

It's getting to be quite a collection...
#XMovie #JennaOrtega

Stack of disks of Jenna Ortega films, with X on top

The same stack seen from the side, with X, Scream, You S2, Saving Flora (twice) and The Little Rascals Save The Day
I'd have more if these streaming companies didn't tend to block dvd / blu-ray releases. I'd definitely have The Fallout, The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Yes Day if they would be released on disc. Now I'm paying HBO Max and Netflix monthly for access to these films.
Let's rewatch it now, before it gets too late and dark and I don't dare to see this scary movie anymore...

X (2022)

My technique for finding good films is to find a good actress and then see which films are smart enough to hire her, and which films she considers worthy of her time. I'm so happy to have found Jenna Ortega...

Jenna only won at the MTV Movie Awards 'Best Frightened Performance' for Scream! That was an amazing performance indeed, well deserved!
# # # #
Jenna pretend eating the golden popcorn she'd just won

Failing being a positive person when fans share the new Wednesday poster for Jenna Ortega's Netflix series, are happy, and I just see "Fall 2022" on it. That's so far away!
# # #

Jenna Ortega's film X is out on blu-ray 20 June (24 May for those in the US) and can be preordered now. I loved this so much when I saw it in the cinema! No 4k-disc, sadly. Her film Scream is already out on 4k.
# # #
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Just back from watching Studio 666 in the cinema. I knew Jenna Ortega would be in it for only a bit, which was true. Impressive how even in these small moments she delivers and makes the experience intense and captivating.
# #

Today Studio 666 is released in Dutch cinemas. This means that currently *three* films with Jenna Ortega are playing in the same cinema each day, as Scream and X are also running!
# # # #

Christina Ricci has joined Jenna Ortega in the tv series Wednesday for Netflix, where Jenna plays the title character Wednesday Addams and Christina plays another character, not an older version of the same character. This is going to be so great!
# #

I've been waiting so long for this, following along on the socials when they were making it, but I can finally watch Jenna Ortega in The Fallout!
# #
There are some technical issues with HBO Max that means I can't watch it in full resolution and I'd wish it was on the big screen of a cinema. But it'll have to do. I've waited long enough.

Jenna Ortega is really the best. You can expect her to deliver the best performance in the world and then she still exceeds that.

If you're in the US, tomorrow Friday the 25th you can see Studio 666 in the cinema. This is a horror comedy with and by the Foo Fighters in which you can also see Jenna Ortega. Should be fun! I'm so jealous.
# #

Today Scream opens in Dutch cinemas and also today it was announced that another installment, the sixth already, will be made!
#Scream #ScreamMovie #JennaOrtega

The film X with Jenna Ortega will be released 18 March 2022 in the US. I see it listed in Dutch cinemas for 17 March 2022, but take that with a pinch of salt.
#JennaOrtega #X
Meanwhile HBO Max will start broadcasting in Europe on 8 March 2022, so there's a chance we get to see The Fallout then.
#JennaOrtega #TheFallout
The world premiere of X will be 13 March 2022 on SXSW. Last year Jenna's film already won this festival, maybe again?
#X #JennaOrtega

Seeing the amazing acting talent of Jenna Ortega on the big screen in Scream is a phenomenal experience. I recommend it to everyone, also non-horror fans. If she's already this good in a slasher, what is The Fallout going to be like?
#JennaOrtega #ScreamMovie #Scream
Wow that was a buzz.

Also years since I've been in a cinema. Lots of distance between people, even more than required.

I really liked the film itself as well. I can't really mention it, but there are some things in films that should be 'do it, don't just say it' and this film does that right. Jenna mentioned that it was an intelligent script and I see what she means.
I remember seeing Chloë Grace Moretz on the big screen for the first time (in The Miseducation of Cameron Post) after seeing her a lot on my tv. That was an incredible experience as well.

The release of Scream (the new one with Jenna Ortega) is still scheduled for 3 February in Dutch cinemas, but some cinemas have a prerelease this weekend. Check their schedules!
#ScreamMovie #Scream #JennaOrtega

Interesting interview with Jenna Ortega in Allure, about the past, present and future:
#JennaOrtega #Allure

And here the trailer for the film X, which looks amazing!

I'm sorry for the content in this channel being almost exclusively Jenna Ortega at the moment and I'd gladly share news of the other actresses I follow, but there's just so many projects of her now that the others really need to step up... Here a Nylon interview with amazing photos.
#JennaOrtega #NylonMagazine

The trailer for #X comes out tomorrow. The trailer for #Studio666 comes out today. Both are films with #JennaOrtega. Also, #Scream (2022) comes out in the US this Friday and #TheFallout on HBO Max on 27 January.

Busy busy...
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Yep, pushed back to 3 Feb (Dutch cinemas). Also no sign here of The Fallout, which will be released everywhere on 27 Jan (hbomax + cinemas), with everywhere probably meaning everywhere but here.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamMovie #TheFallout

So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamMovie

So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamMovie
Ah, the 'helpless' act. "But who's gonna drive me home" she says while sitting in her very own car with her very own 'Missy' license plates on it.
Missy is a properly intriguing character, played very well by Neve Campbell. I like this kind of film. Normally when a woman character in a film is the victim of things, she's portrayed all through the film as having a victim-like personality. Missy is not portrayed like that at all (most men in the film are scared of her), so you catch yourself as viewer questioning things and then questioning your preconceptions as a film should.
#LostJunction #NeveCampbell

The Fallout will be available on HBO Max from 27 January. I'm so excited to see Jenna Ortega in this film!
#JennaOrtega #TheFallout
Obviously I won't be able to watch it myself, since all HBO content will get removed in my country at the end of this year, with no mention of when it will be back. But I'm excited about everyone else seeing it. I'll have to wait patiently (or not) a little longer.

"I'm not sure whose twisted idea it was to put hundreds of adolescents in underfunded schools run by people whose dreams were crushed years ago, but I admire the sadism."

A line from the new Netflix tv series Wednesday and it's a beauty.

#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

The cinema release for Scream (the fifth installment starring Jenna Ortega) is now listed in Dutch cinemas as 20 January. Earlier it had said 13, which would have been weird since it's 14 in the US and our Covid measures run to at least 14 Jan.

#ScreamMovie #JennaOrtega #Scream

Tomorrow season four of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous will be available on Netflix. The character Brooklynn is voiced by Jenna Ortega.
#JennaOrtega #JurassicWorldCampCretaceous #jwcc

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Another Jenna Ortega film announced today: the Foo Fighters horror comedy project Studio 666. It will be released in cinemas on 25 February 2022.

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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous season 4 will be on Netflix 3 December. The character Brooklynn is voiced by #JennaOrtega.

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