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I think Ella Al-Shamahi is the real-life Indiana Jones. The below photo is not really an illustration of that fact, just an interesting picture of her, though I did think of captioning it "Real-life Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur".

The photo shows Ella in Cambodia with a bird that is more than half her size (and she's not short) playfully biting her finger. The bird is a Great Hornbill.
#EllaAlShamahi #GreatHornbill #RealLifeIndianaJones
The bird is not in captivity and free to leave the sanctuary it's in. Though it seems like paying football too much to do so. Yes, football. Watch in this amazing video Ella posted on her Instagram:

(I may edit this post later too include the video, for now it's over my own upload limit)
People in the UK are in luck, a documentary series presented by her starts on Channel 4 tomorrow. This channel is blocked outside the UK, but apparently us in the rest of the world get this documentary series later this year. It's about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and the curse-myth that followed.
#EllaAlShamahi #Tutankhamun
Ella posing in front of an entrance to an Egyptian tomb, hieroglyphs are on the wallElla posing in the entrance to the tomb. There's a wooden walkway.