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Now Ex Machina for some more Alicia Vikander.
#AliciaVikander #ExMachina
A partially see-through Alicia Vikander, some thoughts on AI, but also on big tech. A question they pose is that once an AI passes a Turing test, will you still consider it human if it clearly looks like a robot. But that may not be the actual question.

About to watch another Alicia Vikander film: Tulip Fever. I don't know what it will be about, but it's likely about the 'tulip fever' which was the first financial bubble that burst spectacularly, centuries ago. People invested in tulip bulbs and drove the price way above its intrinsic value, with the inevitable crash next. I'm sure there were bulb-bros at the time.
#AliciaVikander #TulipFever
it was literally the rich 17th century Dutch buying the "I AM RICH" iPhone app for $1000 that does nothing
@feld Still a lot of money, but ok, it's a myth. Thanks for the link!

Can you believe I never saw anything with Alicia Vikander in it? I'm going to watch Tomb Raider now. So I know nothing about whether she's a good actress (I suspect she is), but she looks ultra cool in the promo stills. The film also has the über cool Hannah John-Kamen in it.
#AliciaVikander #TombRaider #HannahJohnKamen

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I like this version of the Lara Croft character. I haven't seen the other film, but I like this take on her. Intelligent, obstinate, and dare I say it, realistic. At least personality-wise someone you believe could exist.
I agree. I thought this was a much more realistic and vulnerable portrayal of Lara than in other movies.