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Using my note8 s-pen on my tab s4 to do the text extraction. It just works.

It looks like Schmigadoon! season 2 comes out 7 April. At least I see them mentioning "4.07" which I think is American for 7 April and not some room number. I got season 1 on Apple TV+ and I think it's like that worldwide.
#Schmigadoon #DoveCameron
I loved the first season and I'm glad it'll be back.
@ART // Cantankerous Tech // 🐀 It definitely was fun and I'll be watching this season too. It's going to be six episodes, one a week and the first two the first week. So something to look forward to for the Fridays.

Me third-wheeling.

(Image description: black and white image, possibly of an old tv show, of three figures together. A man and a woman seem to be about to kiss, an ugly sea monster looks on. It's as weird as that sounds.)

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It’s very funny to me that the dominant Twentieth Century conception of AI was a slightly awkward nerd with an inhuman mastery of facts and logic, when what we actually got is smooth-talking bullshit artists who can’t do eighth-grade math.
And who can also draw some _wicked_ airbrush artwork for the side of one's van.

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@mdm we live in the decade of dirtbag androids

Yesterday Jenna Ortega was at the YSL fashion show in Paris. Here is an article about her outfit for those that can read French, others just look at the pictures.

The film Scream VI (with Jenna Ortega) is listed for 9 March in Dutch cinemas (one day ahead of the US release), but these things tend to change once the date comes nearer.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamVI

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Friendica 2023.01 released

Content warning: Christian Pöschl from usd AG has found another XSS vulnerability in Friendica which is close with this hotfix release of Friendica. In addition some other bugfixes for the distribution of forum postings and improvements to the update process of node infor

There is one typo in the text that mentions 2022.12.
I found it too, but didn't want to fix an "official typo" :D

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"Garif, I have seen the system files!"
-- Nefred


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The promo for Nadia in You season 4 is out. Nadia is played by Amy-leigh Hickman, who is a massively talented actress.
#YouNetflix #AmyLeighHickman

I want to stress this quote:

"Never forget that the interview is for you, too."

So many people forget that. It's also about you selecting them as employer. It's why I don't consider a "not a fit" result to be negative, especially when it's true.

They did not ask a single question about my technical competencies, my achievements, or what I was looking for in my next opportunity. I was told this interview was a vibe check and that they'd prefer if I asked all the questions to see what was important to me, so I did.

Unsurprisingly, they passed on me the next day for not being a "🚩cultural fit". I honestly laughed for a solid hour.

Never forget that the interview is for you, too.

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I just had the worst #interview of my entire #career . It turned out to be an insightful list of precisely how NOT to attract talent. In that way, it was really useful to me as a candidate.

Presented for your amusement, here's a thread of what I asked. It's going to be a longboi, but here's my absolute favorite:

🚩 Do you have any queer peers? Is this a safe place for them to work? "We don't talk about that here."

#lgbtq #trans #job #discrimination
A screenshot of Fallout 3's Capitol Wasteland, with text overlaid that reads "everyone disliked that".

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🚩What interested you about my experience or profile? Why did you reach out to me?

"You don't have that much experience, and we are looking for a candidate we can mold into our needs." [editors note: I have 7 years of experience, 3 certs, and have shipped over 23 projects???]
They did not ask a single question about my technical competencies, my achievements, or what I was looking for in my next opportunity. I was told this interview was a vibe check and that they'd prefer if I asked all the questions to see what was important to me, so I did.

Unsurprisingly, they passed on me the next day for not being a "🚩cultural fit". I honestly laughed for a solid hour.

Never forget that the interview is for you, too.

Some of my favourite science history facts:

The term "big bang theory" was coined by a scientist who didn't believe in it but in a static universe. He thought by giving it a ridiculous name, the theory would go away. The name stuck.

"Schrödinger's Cat" is a thought experiment often used to explain an interpretation of quantum physics where things can exist in multiple states at the same time as long as there's no other boundary condition (the cat is both dead and alive as long as you don't look into the box). Schrödinger did indeed come up with it, but since he didn't believe in this interpretation, the thought experiment was intended to make fun of the theory.

The cosmic microwave background radiation that is the result from the start of our universe, was first by the researchers thought to be the result of pigeon poo that had built up in their antenna. So this research project involved them standing in the big horn of the antenna with brooms scraping out pigeon poo.

When researchers tried to find out how much gravity was slowing down the expansion of the universe and whether it would be enough to pull the universe back together in some kind of big crunch, they redid their calculations many times because the result was so unexpected. But eventually they had to publish it. The answer to whether the universe's expansion was slowing down enough was that it was speeding up. No-one knows why.

It seems there will be a sequel to Zoey 101! It will be called Zoey 102. I think it's a film rather than a series. Thanks to Erin Sanders for the news! She plays Quinn and both Erin and Quinn are the reasons to watch Zoey 101/102.
#Zoey101 #Zoey102 #ErinSanders

To increase diversity they made sure not all white men they consulted where called 'Paul'.

That was a massively long read, but very interesting.

It lacks the other form of engaging with a post: subposting.

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I'd fallen for, and helped spread, what I now realize was a myth about quote tweets: That there's almost no research on them. Big mistake! Now rectified.

Here's my new post, digging into more than 30 studies with data on quote tweets. They don't settle all the questions. But there are answers, or at least partial ones, to most. It's still complicated, though.

It's a * very * long read, but there are summary points ....1/2

#MissedQuoteBoost #QuoteBoost #QuoteTweets
@ChrisWere I hope bystander behavior improves so there's less mobbing.

I agree it would be terrible if the worst fears came true - I'd hope that would mean a change of course.

In the ideal world, the community would step in & help people called out for legitimate reasons to see what's wrong, edit/delete, & learn from it - and/or moderators if they had the time to do so.

If moderators don't keep out racists & co though, calling out is a way to show the instance/system is failing.
@ChrisWere People should be safe on any "mainstream" instance, or their specialized interests. As others have pointed out, if marginalized people have to congregate in particular safe spaces, they can easily be locked out by people who don't want to be made uncomfortable about their racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia etc.

Summarising a document into a smaller document by using a smaller font.

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I keep getting asked to support writing rich-text-formatted posts in #Hometown (we already read them just fine). I finally wrote down, in this comment on this Github issue, a short essay outlining all my concerns with doing so:

Some of this is problems with Markdown, while some of this is problems with interoperability regarding any rich text rendering at all.

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@Darius Kazemi It might be interesting seeing how other activity pubs things do it for compatibility at the very least? I'm using friendica right now (yes I know, I'm no fan of PHP, but after trying like 40 different activity pub things it has the right mixture of features that I was looking for even if it doesn't really have the UI I would prefer, but Mastodon doesn't either) and it has the ability for four different types of Rich text, ranging from BB code like things to Mark down, and I forget what else is those are the ones I use.

Here is BB code bold
Here is Mark down bold
I honestly have no clue how it gets rendered out beyond, but I can mix and match all four different things in a single thing without issue and I've had no problems with such intermixing.
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@overminddl1 it federates as <strong></strong> tags enclosing the bold text, which I expected, but interestingly friendica puts the bbcode in the "source" field but *not* markdown (it translates the markdown to bbcode)

Sorting posts alphabetically as a new timeline algorithm.

In Dutch, what we write as "IJ" is one character, just spelled like that because the actual character is missing. It takes the place of the "Y" in our alphabet. But we've been using this for so long, that a lot of crosswords and also the Dutch Woordle of a few days back, forget this.
Interestingly, when I look this up it appears that this has given rise to different sorting rules in dictionaries vs phone books.

They should run each tv series until there's at least one episode where they literally jump a shark.

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Hello people of Mastodon. I'd like some advice. I've currently got a short feed (last 1-2 tweets, I think, automatically updated) from my birdsite account on my website and I'd like to replace that with something similar for Mastodon. Is that possible and can anyone tell me how to do it on a Wordpress site? Thank you for any help you can offer!

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you can get an rss feed of your public tweets by adding .rss to your account's uri, so a plugin that parses rss and creates a widget on your blog could potentially serve they purpose
This instance looks really good:

Jenna Ortega is nominated for best actress in a comedy series at the SAG Awards for her role in Wednesday! She deserves all the awards...
#JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday

There are many web site themes.

*filtering out the ones that are some kind of call-to-action thing*

There are no web site themes.

Award season, when the US entertainment industry celebrates the things us in the rest of the world have not even heard about.

Tonight will be the Golden Globe award ceremony where Jenna Ortega is nominated for best actress (subcategory comedy or musical series) for her role in Wednesday. I hope she wins! For me she has already won, and as best actress overall, or best person overall. She is also presenting an award, a different one I assume.
#JennaOrtega #GoldenGlobes

Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will come out in the US on 14 May. This will be the final season.

I'm currently watching season 7, because that has just come out for us in the rest of the world.

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New blog post: "Retiring Pinafore"

Probably not going to surprise anyone, but I'm stepping back from Pinafore. Thanks to everyone who followed along with this project over the years!