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The Disney film Upside-Down Magic is surprisingly sad. It's about squashed dreams and kids having to come to terms with having no future. Obviously there's a different resolution to the film. Siena Agudong as Reina (second lead in the film and the reason I watched it) is amazing as the girl who's buckling under the pressure of expectations and insecurities. You really feel this role. Alison Fernandez in the supporting role of Pepper is really good as well; I know her from Logan and the final season of Once Upon a Time. Izabela Rose of course carries the film very well as the girl who's magic is 'upside-down'.
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This Sunday, Siena Agudong's film Upside-down Magic will be on the Disney Channel in The Netherlands: 24 October at 16:59. I've looked for it so often in the Disney+ app after hearing it was released, but not found it. It's still not there. I'm excited to finally get to see it.
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Ahh, the recording failed! I was out jogging so I set it to record, but it only recorded the first bit... It's Descendants all over again which I also had to record multiple times before seeing it in full.