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Stars on a star. Miranda Cosgrove photographed by Claire Leahy for Mission Unstoppable.
#MirandaCosgrove #MissionUnstoppable #ClaireLeahy
Miranda wears an orange jacket over an orange skirt. The skirt is covered in small silvery onset stars. The jacket is buttoned up with its one button, which is a big silvery star. Miranda is sitting down and looks at the viewer.
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Miranda Cosgrove casually posting pictures in her/a kitchen and casually being the shiny personification of the positive radiance that she is. #MirandaCosgrove
Miranda posing in her/a kitchen, which is very cleanMiranda feigning surprise
Miranda leaning forward like she's going to tell you a secretMiranda making the v sign

Something is different here...

The cast of iCarly and Mia Serafino all wearing mustaches

Ah, I see. Mia Serafino on the set of iCarly. She was with Miranda Cosgrove in Crowded, not iCarly(*). And they remained great friends ever since, which is why it is completely familiar to see those two together. (*I have no idea what happened in the reboot, since it doesn't broadcast here)

From Miranda's Instagram. #MirandaCosgrove #MiaSerafino #iCarly

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