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Continuing the Katie Douglas Birthweek Rewatch: Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey. This film is based on real events.
#KatieDouglas #BirthweekRewatch
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Continued with episode 1x03 of Ginny & Georgia, which has a substory with Katie's character Abby, something even her closest friends know nothing about.
#KatieDouglas #GinnyAndGeorgia #BirthweekRewatch
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Katie Douglas #BirthdayRewatch: Level 16. Such a great film.

Today Katie Douglas turns 23! Happy Birthday!

Katie is an extremely talented actress. If you don't know her, she's the lead in Level 16, a great film with a great performance, or see her make a supporting role memorable in the tv series Defiance, Mary Kills People and Ginny & Georgia.

I found some photos of her in various roles and publicity shots.

Katie Douglas

Katie in Level 16



#KatieDouglas #Level16

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Apparently a Google search for photos of her turns up my own tumblr blog. Yeah, I may have mentioned her before...

(The above photos are not my screenshots. I'll repost these one day from the originals, not the tumblr resized ones)
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