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I'm watching The Mauritanian because of Jodie Foster. I'm also testing the Pathé Thuis service, where the largest cinema chain in my country lets you watch new and old films at home for a per-film ticket price. This is an old one.
#JodieFoster #TheMauritanian #PatheThuis
The sound is in surround, which is better than some streaming services that you actually pay a subscription for. The subtitles are Dutch or none, with the latter being really none. Usually when you don't have subtitles on an English language film, you get English subtitles on the foreign language bits. But here they are like, you wanted no subtitles, you get no subtitles, hope you speak Arabic.
The film is apparently not old, from 2021 it seems. I thought it was older, time flies.

The service has 160 films from 2021 and another 335 from 2020, so a quite up to date catalogue.

Rewatching Taxi Driver with Jodie Foster. She was 12 when she made this film, played a prostitute, had to be psychologically evaluated to check whether she would be capable of handling the subject matter, was formally not allowed to watch the film herself and got her first Oscar nomination. That's right, 12 and her first Oscar nomination.
#JodieFoster #TaxiDriver

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The seduction at the beginning of the film is so sleazy and the character of the woman so empty...
The film is told from Travis' perspective, mostly, and since he's quite the racist, a lot that is said in the film is as well. Those are the perils of having a morally unjust character as pov.

It is left to the viewer to decide that he is morally unjust, though. In the end the film even portrays him as a hero.

Thinking about how Jodie Foster in 1976(*), when she was 12/13yo, made four films. In one she played a prostitute (Taxi Driver), in another her character was all about seducing the male character (Bugsy Malone) and in a third her 13yo character has a sexual relationship with a 19yo boy (The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane). I haven't seen the fourth (Echoes of a Summer). What is a girl to make of that growing up? Luckily hyper smart Jodie seems to have been above all that.

(*) this is the release year. The films were made in 1975 and with Jodie's birthday in November 1962, that explains the age.

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Some more Jodie Foster history, here in gangster musical comedy Bugsy Malone. Watching it now. (I'm also interested in finding her more current films of course) #JodieFoster #BugsyMalone
Forgot the image description: it's a photo of the rather plain cover of the blu-ray.
I feel a bit for Florrie Dugger (now Florence Garland) who as Blousey played a much bigger part than Jodie's Tallulah, but she's never shown anywhere on dvd covers and the like. I guess that's the difference between having only one acting credit in imdb vs a double academy winner. She plays Blousey really well though and I think Blousey makes the film.

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