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Things are always in the last place you look. Because once you find it, you stop looking.

The vitamine c in an orange is located under the skin. Because the whole orange is located under the skin.

Watching Christina Ricci in 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up. I can watch any film with Christina Ricci in it...
#ChristinaRicci #10ThingsWeShouldDoBeforeWeBreakUp
That guy is so tiring, I don't know what she sees in him. Which sort of makes you question the whole film. Of course I can see what he sees in her.

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Happy to report that the European Commission's Open Source Programme Office decided to fund a bug bounty program for #Mastodon!
Not only #Mastodon, but also #LibreOffice, #LEOS, #Odoo and #CryptPad are subject to the European Commission's Open Source Programme Office bug #bounty program:
Do they agree with free software?


>>> a, b, c = 1, 2, 3
>>> a < c > b

Why is Python always different? Why can't a < c > b be like (a < c) > b (and give a type error) like in normal languages? Why does it have to be (a < c) and (c > b)?


>>> True > False
>>> True > False == 0

Sharing that from my Friendica account instead of my Pleroma account is maybe a comment in itself.

Are you saying that hypocrisy is okay?
Back to this post:
No, not every user is an asshole. I also say to racists that not every Jew is greedy and not every Black is stupid (not saying that most of them are). Treat people as individuals, not as groups.
I used to use Pleroma on my main and still do on my alts btw.
Can you untag me from this?

The idea of forbidding people based on software is entirely bonkers and has no real way of actually working anyway (remote machines can and *will* lie).

Nobody warned me it was against the rules.
-- UK Prime Minister

They are your rules.

BBC News - Nobody warned me drinks event was against rules - Boris Johnson

Interesting, even though I don't use Funkwhale yet. Especially the first point seems to apply more generally to fediverse servers. I think with current settings I'm ok, but I'll check some more. These are the questions for servers like mine, I think:

  • Does your server proxy remote media to be included in a visible post and does it check the media is indeed remote and is actual media. It's my belief that on my servers the answers are 'no, n/a' and 'yes, yes'.
  • Does your server show link previews in a visible post and does it sanitise the included information? Here it is for me 'yes, yes' I think.

Hey everyone! o/

A few months ago, we had a security audit of Funkwhale performed as part of our funding agreement. Due to the recent changes to our structure we've not had time to talk about it, so let's do that now!

Far From The Madding Crowd watching Carey Mulligan, like at home, alone, pandemic-like. Bad joke based on the film's name which likely has nothing to do with that, being from 2015. Carey is a great actress who I saw first in Doctor Who, in that episode that basically didn't feature the Doctor but just her (Blink).
#CareyMulligan #FarFromTheMaddingCrowd

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A fiercely independent woman gets three wedding proposals, which increasingly don't consider her own feelings. Ununderstably she chooses the last of the three and then to her shock is unhappy. Ok, that's just my gripe with these kinds of stories. I like how she is portrayed as independent and how she remains so and how Carey Mulligan makes her a full character that you believe in (choices of men aside).
#CareyMulligan #FarFromTheMaddingCrowd

I used to think that storylines where the male character needs to prove his love to the female character, and subsequently her love or free will doesn't matter, were a sign the writers were only men. But it's with women writing too.

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Women were so underwritten in early musicals.
-- Melissa

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There's no emoticon to express the tragedy of her fashion choices
-- Pia

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The TODO List

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TODO: not to get despaired over the multitude of my TODOs.

Starting off #DoveWatch in honour of Dove Cameron's 26th birthday today with the film Cloud 9. It's one of the first films she ever made, maybe the first. I hadn't seen it yet, but it was recently broadcast on the Disney Channel.
#DoveCameron #BirthdayRewatch #Cloud9
Finally in #DoveWatch, it's getting late, one of the episodes of season five of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Dove Cameron starred in as unhinged assassin Ruby. I'm doing 5x15, but they're all great.
#DoveCameron #AgentsOfSHIELD #AOS
I also like the story of the young Hale. What these male Hydra leaders seem to think the highest honour a female student can get is.

I didn't see it before, but twitter allows you to set a content warning on photos now. Maybe they can just rebrand to Mastodon already.

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Happy Birthday @DoveCameron !

She turns 26 today and I'll be celebrating by listening yet again to my Spotify playlist with just her songs, rewatching 'Schmigadoon!' and finally watching my recording of 'Cloud 9'.

Portrait photo of Dove with her green eyes looking straight at you, rather intensely.

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I've seen a lot of Liv and Maddie recently already, so I guess I'll rewatch some of her other projects. Like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Mentalist, Barely Lethal. And Descendants {1,2,3} of course. But there are only 24 hours in a day...
Photo from Dove's Instagram. Well, I selected it from my downloads, but it's originally from her post.

Guide to Healthy Living: get your vegetables, get your vitamins, get your vaccines.

Interesting interview with Jenna Ortega in Allure, about the past, present and future:
#JennaOrtega #Allure

Upgraded Pleroma to the newest version. Thanks to its upgrade instructions having been really stable over time, the script I created a while ago made it a breeze.

It's nothing special, just this:


pushd ~pleroma/pleroma \
&& sudo -u pleroma MIX_ENV=prod -s -- eval 'git pull -q && mix deps.get && mix compile' \
&& sudo systemctl stop pleroma \
&& sudo -u pleroma MIX_ENV=prod -s -- eval 'mix ecto.migrate' \
&& sudo systemctl start pleroma \
&& popd

Obviously I back up first, with another script.
The #pleroma backup script is less universally useful I guess, just for completeness:


export PGHOST=<redacted>
export PGDATABASE=<redacted>
export PGUSER=<redacted>

timestamp=$(date +%F_%H%M) \
&& pg_dump -w --format=custom -f ~admin/backups/pleroma_prod-${timestamp}.pgdump \
&& sudo tar zcvf ~admin/backups/config-pleroma-${timestamp}.tgz \
        --ignore-failed-read \
        /etc/letsencrypt/{live,archive}/ \
        /etc/systemd/system/pleroma.service \
        /etc/nginx/sites-available/ \
        ~pleroma/pleroma/config/prod.secret.exs \
        ~pleroma/pleroma/config/vm.args \
        ~pleroma/pleroma/instance/static \
        ~admin/bin \
&& aws s3 mv ~admin/backups/pleroma_prod-${timestamp}.pgdump s3://<redacted> \
&& aws s3 mv ~admin/backups/config-pleroma-${timestamp}.tgz s3://<redacted>
Note that this script does not backup uploaded media. This is because media is on s3 and handled there.

Oh wow. The test whether having rss feeds set as external self accounts on a #Friendica forum, would result in that forum automatically distributing feed items to members, succeeded. Ideal for a news based forum!

(and thanks to a certain actress having lots of news today on the various entertainment sites)

And here the trailer for the film X, which looks amazing!

I'm sorry for the content in this channel being almost exclusively Jenna Ortega at the moment and I'd gladly share news of the other actresses I follow, but there's just so many projects of her now that the others really need to step up... Here a Nylon interview with amazing photos.
#JennaOrtega #NylonMagazine

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Ghostface sits down backstage with #ScreamMovie star @jennaortega to ask about her biggest fear, her favorite behind-the-scenes memory from the film & more!



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The trailer for #X comes out tomorrow. The trailer for #Studio666 comes out today. Both are films with #JennaOrtega. Also, #Scream (2022) comes out in the US this Friday and #TheFallout on HBO Max on 27 January.

Busy busy...

Yep, pushed back to 3 Feb (Dutch cinemas). Also no sign here of The Fallout, which will be released everywhere on 27 Jan (hbomax + cinemas), with everywhere probably meaning everywhere but here.
#JennaOrtega #ScreamMovie #TheFallout

So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamMovie

I'm looking up when I followed some training course and my memory says it was 'recently' and 'near the end of the year'. This portal however says it was February 2021. Who to believe?

I'm experimenting with having Friendica media stored on S3 rather than locally. Natively rather than with s3fs. There are some reasons why I think this may not have good performance. But it seems to be holding up so far, on the test server at least.

These were test posts to see how Friendica media storage on S3 is holding up. So far so good.

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Lyra in the #HisDarkMaterials tv series is so iconically played by #DafneKeen.

Dafne Keen as Lyra in series two

Promo shot of Dafne Keen as Lyra in series three

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Gonna share some posts from my test server to see whether it all comes crashing down.

So Scream (2022) will be in Dutch cinemas 20 January. Though I guess it will be pushed back further due to covid. This is the Scream with Jenna Ortega. Time to watch Scream (1996) to get ready for the event. It's on Ziggo now.
#JennaOrtega #Scream #ScreamMovie
Ah, the 'helpless' act. "But who's gonna drive me home" she says while sitting in her very own car with her very own 'Missy' license plates on it.
Missy is a properly intriguing character, played very well by Neve Campbell. I like this kind of film. Normally when a woman character in a film is the victim of things, she's portrayed all through the film as having a victim-like personality. Missy is not portrayed like that at all (most men in the film are scared of her), so you catch yourself as viewer questioning things and then questioning your preconceptions as a film should.
#LostJunction #NeveCampbell

The goal is that the people who deny there is a problem can eventually say 'see, panic over nothing'.

> [birds tweeting]

I didn't know they could do that.

Today is the day that #ChloëGraceMoretz 's #MotherAndroid is on Netflix. Guess what I'm watching now.

I missed when it happened, but #guppe is now at the "" address. Adjust your groups as needed.

For those who don't know, it is a server where you can make groups by just mentioning them in a post. Anybody who subscribes to such a group receives all the posts that have that name tagged. A bit like subscribing to a hashtag, but in the fediverse hashtags don't federate, so that doesn't work; this does.

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!Fav Forum
Another test post for the test forum.

Dafne Keen had her birthday yesterday.
(Photo by Begona Rivas, from Dafne's Instagram
Dafne in a glossy magazine photo, in black, arms raised
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Dafne Keen looking back to yesterday when it was her 17th birthday, which I missed because I'm an idiot and thought it was today. Well, I've not really booted up yet this year, so what'd you expect.

Happy Birthday for yesterday and also already for next year! Hope to get His Dark Materials S3 soon.
#DafneKeen #HisDarkMaterials
Dafne looking to the left in a glossy magazine portrait
Photo source here, by Begona Rivas.

"Your battery is low"

Quick! Do something to cheer it up!

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