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@diogoeichert @Scotts Just remembering the early days. Many were vying for control. Microsoft may or may not have been best but was definitely the most powerful, overwhelming many smaller, possibly more effective and doubtless more ethical platforms. The alternative of numerous smaller competing providers fighting for decades rather than one (arguably 2 if we include Apple) provider is self-evident though.
Hi Catherine. It seems unfortunate that I cannot see the message to which you’re replying. But, hey, I attended many court sessions as an observer w/Microsoft. They either bought companies to destroy them, bought tech to merely rebrand it (eg using a binary editor to change the copyright of Novells, and being fined $80M for that stunt. I loathed that company. They did beautify the GUI though (hat-tip to OS/2 PM).
@Scotts I can't remember the post now. I am sure that what you say is true and I hate Microsoft for it. However, my point was that if something hadn't emerged as victor (regardless of how that victory was achieved) the internet would have been unworkable and potentially never have "caught on". Just a pity it was Microsoft.
Ah, understood. I agree though there were a lot of UI interests at the time: IBM OS/2, Borland, Lotus, dBase, others for the PC world, and Motif, OpenLook, CDE, others for UNIX and an assortment of them for the Linux flavors. Canonical, owners of Ubuntu, have consistently improved their GUI over the years. MS excels at marketing.

For anyone unaware, Google Chrome is currently rolling out an update that track your interests based on browsing history, then share them with 3rd party websites. The notification page makes it sound like they added a new privacy feature, but in actuality they automatically enrolled you into their tracking system and you have to go and manually opt out.
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something something “Don’t be evil”
@Zesty "Don't be evil" is just a memory of the past...
Google is second only to Meta in this regard.
@Zesty Which also should be remembered as the lowest bar ever set. And even then they gave up on it...

Yeah, it's like these badges companies get for respecting the law. 😅😂

"Congrats I guess?"

@manu I can remember this goomic from Manu. Look at the date, it's from 2019. Who wants to use Google/Alphabet services? Only for the advertising industry, right?

THIS is why I yeeted #GoogleChrome and all #Chromium shit from my devices whilst making @torproject #TorBrowser my default Browser.

Keeping #Firefox tho...

It should be illegal to say "Enhanced privacy" when more data is stored after a policy change.
So much for "Don't be evil."
oh ffs. This is why we can't have nice things
I was under the impression that they've always been gathering that data and are now letting you opt out of certain subjects. No?

it’s kinda “funny” to see others only getting that now

Every single (n>15) chrome instance I have (which exist for reasons) has popped up that prompt weeks ago already

It nearly made me check if there’s a “make this fuck off by default” toggle/option, but 1) this is google, they wouldn’t make it easy, 2) chrome isn’t my daily and I didn’t have to care after disabling

But yeah *mega* fucked up.
The thing being multiple context-local menus is also A Choice.

This is strange; after the update I checked and this feature was turned off. I guess they respect a prior setting?
@bontchev Mine was set as off. That pop up came with toggles and all were on
I didn't get a pop-up at all. Maybe I still haven't received that version of Chrome? Which version is it? Mine is 116.0.5845.180.
Amazing. How can people continue to use this shit willingly?
I just got Duck Duck it.

On one hand, this sucks.
On the other hand, I did discover that I could opt out of all their *other* tracking programs while turning this one off

So that's funny.

I haven't used Chrome in years and things like this remind me why. 🙃

Very thankful Firefox is still out here fighting the good fight.

yep, toggled all sliders OFF when they presented it after a new update. I also wonder in which universe randomly delayed submission of your data helps with privacy.
Thanks for the heads up!!
any tips on where to find this opt out? I just went into Chrome settings and didn't encounter anything like this (I'm also browsing from Canada, which may not be part of this launch?)
Yay, my privacy is being enhanced.
For people who for some reason still want to use Chrome:
Settings > Privacy >Ad privacy, then just toggle everything off.
What's your browser of choice?
Firefox - or at least something Firefox based, like Librewolf, Tor Browser, Mullvad Browser, etc.
can you disable JIT in Firefox? I've always been led to believe the security it a bit more at risk from not being able to disable JIT but admittedly I've not looked in years
thanks, I saw that but couldn’t work out how to opt out.
which browser do you use, just out of interest.

I switched back to Firefox last month when I saw this being rolled out.

There are some things I'll miss about Chrome from a user experience perspective, but I also discovered some things that Firefox does better, so it ultimately ended up being a fairly neutral tradeoff with added privacy wins.

And if you're a sysadmin at a company, install the latest ADMX Group Policy templates, and set these:
Chrome "Privacy" Sandbox policies
Chrome is the best browser to download the best browser....
employer-mandated, so I can't ditch it.
A couple weeks ago, Steve Gibson on the Security Now podcast provided a good summary of how this works.
Thank you for this. It is something like eight clicks to turn this shit off and it is kind of hidden. The pop up does not tell you how to turn this crap off. Truly a new low for scummy Google.
Chrome is the new Internet Explorer. We desperately need more competition in the browser space.

The first dialog that comes up really is a dark pattern from hell.

I have to use Chrome at work 🙄

I go to settings, privacy, and nowhere see the word Ad (alone or with privacy)?
Well many people at work chose chrome over edge when all they have is these two.
I switched to Safari today, for this reason. I had a call on Google Meet and for the first two minutes colleagues could no hear me. Their voice was distorted. Everything was slow. Oh.. and I have an M2 with 32 GB eh 🙄 I bet this is intentional from Meet.
I started searching for those settings and then realized that I don't have them, because my Chrome is not updated anymore (the OS is too old)
Yay for me!

Today was the last day of Chrome for me. Also swapped to DuckDuckGo.

Any other recommendations you might have, I’m all ears.

These are all off on my phone, so I imagine I did it sometime ago. I have to get rid of gmail, too?


thanks from those of us who wouldn't know what to do, but still worry. Perhaps Firefox is a better choice for us.
I don't understand, this is way way better than tracking cookies no?

It does seem to be. Granted, not many people like seeing ads, but much of the "free" content on the web is currently supported by ads. So if we're going to see ads, arguably it's better for both the sites and the visitors if the ads are relevant to our interests and if the driving mechanism is more transparent and less tracky.

If everyone switched to browsers that block cookies, many sites would have to find alternative funding or cease operations.

I don't see that setting, and my software is up-tp-date.

Hmmmm, must be because I use Chromium (open source) and not Chrome.

Oh, and I close my browser windows frequently, at which point the all the Chromium settings and cookie and other state files are deleted and replaced with those stored away in a tar file.

I've been doing this for years. Doesn't everybody?

also a good time to remind people that @Vivaldi exists, if you really need to use a Chromium-based browser.
@dangoodin Yeah, no thanks. If something doesn't work in both Safari and Firefox it's probably not worth doing.
Don't forget to review your "permissions," also in "settings." Don't forget to look at "additional permissions" at the bottom of that section, because there are indeed some "additional permissions" you might like to control.
I don't understand how ANYONE can voluntarily run this shit ...

or shorter:

But that was all toggled off already for me.

Work makes me use it and lock all the settings 😔
We bought a Chrombook cuz we needed a budget laptop. We're not techies here. We toggled everything off. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. 💻

Also don't forget to check chrome://settings/cookies and select "Block third-party cookies." Third-party cookies support a superset of the tracking that Google's new ad features do. Chrome is the only browser that has them on by default.

(more info: )

Thank you. Dealt with.
These settings don't seem to exist on the Chrome iOS app.

Marcus said:
"For people who for some reason still want to use Chrome:

Settings > Privacy >Ad privacy, then just toggle everything off."

When I sent these instructions out to psychotherapists along with a version of the original post (and how to find "Settings" in Chrome) and a suggestion to try and educate clients, they were appreciative.

That said, I got the feedback that *THIS* instruction would be too hard for elderly clients to implement let alone learning to use a different browser.

Pin. Drop.


Respectfully there are a few people out there who can barely use a web browser.

That said, I succeeded in getting my 82-year-old mother to use Brave. It's possible.

THIS is what we are up against.

Security is basically impossible in the general population.

I want to scream right now.

@AAKL @malwaretech

I was not aware. Thank you!
...seemed fishy thanks for the heads up
"enhanced privacy" oy gevalt
thanks for letting us know. How do I opt out?
same with Android BTW, in one of Google Play System updates you will receive a system notification about new "privacy features" from Privacy Sandbox, don't ignore that notification, go ahead and turn everything off there.
the only real choice for how I see ads should be "no ads".
In Soviet Russia privacy enhances YOU
Vivaldi doesn't do this; neither does Firefox.
Thinking that the Google browser would have acceptable privacy policies would be an exceptional case of media literacy.

I am absolutely enraged by the insulting tone of the update. Do they think we are idiots? I am so happy that I migrated to Firefox on all my devices.

Also, can it be considered as late stage Silicon Valley if they insult your intelligence when implementing things like this?

The Audacity.

I'm shocked that the advertising company built on tracking is adding more tracking software to sell more advertising.

Shocked, I tell you.

yeah, just stop using Chrome and you'll be mostly fine
how do you turn this off on iOS?
it's their latest anti-privacy feature
I really don't see why anyone moderately well-informed would use Chrome at this point. What with this and the remote attestation garbage, horrendous.
When I was in college Pearson products for online courses only worked on Chrome for some reason and some websites wont work correctly without Chrome. I always thought that was ridiculous and it sound be illegal to force everyone to use a product that is obviously illegally stealing your information. I always liked firefox and will use it almost exclusively now that I see Google is openly commiting several crimes on top of all of the other ones.
that's why I only use Chrome for work. And porn.
when this popup came up to me I looked at the colored things in the image first and thought "Yay! They implemented tab containers (a la firefox)!" But then I read further and, nope, it's the exact opposite...
Why would anyone use Chrome voluntarily?
Who says voluntary? My company forces it
meanwhile my Chromium install is nagging me that it misses Google API keys. Time to fully switch away from anything Chromium based.
Interestingly the buttons differ where the GDPR is valid.
I'm not techy but can we just stop using Chrome?
is that true for chromium as well ?
Not happy with ads overrunning it's search index now they can grab your private data too!
Love the use of orwellian double speak in this. Tracking is Privacy!

does anybody have the URL for this settings page? (I don't actually use Chrome now, but there are still occasions where it gets fired up).

I'd sort of like to be able to just go straight there and turn shit off.

Hiw do we opt out? We use Duck Duck Go; do we need to be concerned?
yet another reason to use Firefox 😀​
so, stop using Chrome, got it.
anyone know if it’s possible to check this setting on page load? Would be neat to check and instruct users to turn it off before continuing on your site

Copy editors and fact-checkers who use Chrome will definitely want to find this option.

Or else regularly report what weird ads Google starts to offer up based on your work.

@kornel I watched a coworker come across this prompt yesterday while on a screen share, and their cursor immediately shot over to “Got It.” No hesitation whatsoever, because they were in the middle of trying to do something else. I died a little watching that. 🫠
Yup mine as well. There is no critical thinking left.
I must mention that the pathway mentioned above is slightly different, depending upon what device you're using. 👍🏼
that’s the new sandbox privacy thing they rolled out right?
Starting to think that maybe using a web browser owned by the world's largest advertising company might be a bad idea.

Marquis Kurt :xcode: reshared this.

You're mistaken: Google Chrome is not a web browser; it's an endpoint for collecting user data and credentials, and delivering advertisements!
In the very same way that Android is not a mobile operating system.


I've disabled Google and chrome. Vile company

It's a government mandated bullshit as a replacement for third party cookies.

When all other browsers disable third party cookies, everything is fine. When Google does it, antitrust regulators fear that this could benefit Google ads more than non-Google ads. Hence this bullshit.

Does this also affect Chromium-based builds?
It’s the second screen, on the first one you can clearly say “No, thanks”. You make it look like it’s enabled by default and you have to opt-out.
A dialog in Chrome. Turn on an ad privacy feature, then a lot of text and two buttons: No, thanks or Turn it on.
If you're waiting for google to do something that's not sinister you're going to be disappointed
I stopped using Chrome the second I realised Firefox allowed me to use an ad blocker on mobile. Stopped using Chrome on desktop long before that. Haven't looked back since.

#AltText4U #Alt4U

Screenshot of Chrome’s message about this. It reads as follows:

Enhanced ad privacy in Chrome

We're launching new privacy features that give you more choice over the ads you see.

Chrome notes topics of interest based on your recent browsing history.

Also, sites you visit can determine what you like. Later, sites can ask for this information to show you personalized ads. You can choose which topics and sites are used to show you ads. [1/2]

"Enhanced ad privacy" more like "Enhanced ad data collection"
They need to be stopped
what the ef are google even doing lately. The WEI proposal was what kicked me over to Firefox, but this would have ten times faster.
Opting out was easy.
Steve Gibson has decent discussion about it on the SecurityNow 935 podcast. It "seems" better than the current system. Analysis suggests that it's not doing any tracking. Guess we'll see.
Transcript here starts pg 21:
Vivaldi. Im a rare one🤪. It may still be chromium but they seem to respect privacy yet…
reason 4,743,961 I don't use chrome.
Ah snap. I just went to make sure I changed my settings for this and then remembered I switched to Firefox a few weeks ago. Woot.
thank you. I just deleted it!

Thanks. I turned them off.
They've also enhanced safe browsing protection AFAIK. Here's the page. I think "Enhanced protection" is new, but note it links to your Google account, in case that matters, and sends extra data for AI examination.

I did the privacy review. You may wish to, also.

1 \ . Choose your Safe Browsing protection Enhanced protection QO  Faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions. Warns ~ you about password breaches. Requires browsing data to be sent to Google. When on Things to consider @ Predicts and wams you about dangerous I, Sends URLS to Safe Browsing to check events before they happen them G Keeps you safe on Chrome and may be [ Also sends a small sample of pages, used to improve your securityin other downloads, extension activity, and system ‘Google apps when you are signed in information to help discover new threats © Improves security for you and everyoneon (@ Temporarily links this data to your Google the web Account when you're signed in, to protect u across Google apps. O Wams you if passwords are exposed in 2 e dieer data breach Standard protection @  standard protection against websites, downloads, and extensions that are known to be ~ dangerous When on Things to consider @ Detects and wams you about dangerous I, 1fasite tries to steal your password, or events when they happen when you download a harmful fie, Chrome . may also send URLS, including bits of page G Checks URLS with a lst of unsafe sites conten,to Safe Browsing stored in Chrome
I use Mozilla but TY for Chrome heads up
Like I said many times ... just use Firefox ... or LibreWolf (privacy oriented Firefox fork).
I wonder if this could be used to preferentially target malware to people with an interest in, say, nuclear secrets. Someone who manifests a pattern of site visits that indicate they have access to Serious Information might be someone worth crafting malware for.
I fell for this hook line and sinker 🤦‍♂️ at least i only use it at work i guess. Thanks for posting!
Your post was the law straw that made me move to Firefox after not having used it in years.
I thought this had been in place already haha, for at least a decade.
or just use Firefox once and for all...
how nice of them to push users to firefox 😊
Steve Gibson did a very deep dive into this a few weeks ago on Security Now. It doesn't leak.
very happy I switched to fire fox recently
@marcoarment Where can I find a good technical analysis? So far I only heard Steve Gibson’s and he thought it respected privacy. I’m looking for opinions from people not like me. I don’t use Chrome but I still should be up on this stuff.
Rude. I always had everything off, doesn't seem right that they can update things and make us have to opt out again.
All done now thanks to this post - then Chrome is left sitting abandoned again until the odd days when I need it.
Aren't they already doi.g that anyways? It's so frustrating that if I search for something, I get a ton of junk emails. Even get junk emails on subjects of the photos I add to my website.
Yeah if you MUST use a Chromium browser instead of Firefox, don't pick Chrome.
so now it’s just, “Fuck it, be Evil” huh?
@Vivaldi @jon let's not add this "feature" into any new Vivaldi updates, k thanks! 😉
Forgive my ignorance, but if I'm using the Arc browser, how much of this kind of nonsense is ending up in Arc, since Arc under the hood is Chromium.
Google is quickly turning into Blume.

Or you can opt out forever, by downloading a better browser, known as, Mozilla Firefox.


Luckily Vivaldi is free
Brave browser, firefox, librewolf
that’s why I use #firefox. At least they don’t own a large personal data hoovering machine.
"Don't be evil" is now "Don't be using Chrome".

Even before reading this, I decided to go back to #FireFox.

One thing I noticed is that FireFox allows me to download an image file and open it directly with the GIMP. This simplifies my workflow when dealing with scans of old civil registrations and church books.

Apart from that, it looks like FireFox can be configured pretty much the same as Chrome.

thank you so much for this
I saw your post, but found everything was already toggled to 'off' under privacy.
@marcoarment so glad I switched to Safari two years ago.

Content warning: NSFW

still blows my mind that some people allow ads to be displayed on THEIR OWN devices
This stuff is one of the reasons that every week I randomly search a random collection of words and thoughts.
Why does anyone still use chrome? Its obvious that google is activly hostile towards their users.
I got that pop today as well. I opted out of course. I was missing the “fuck no!” Button
Same thing. They scan it all
Good to know. Thanks, Bow. Time to divest.
Disney FastPlay prepared me for this.