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@janellecshane my teenager has discovered another worthwhile use of chatgpt
A round of human-v-chatgpt tic-tac-toe. chatGPT explains in precise detail why its strategy optimizes its odds of winning. It is losing badly. ChatGPT draws out the state of a tic-tac-toe board, explaining clearly how to read the ascii art. It does not correspond to the game played in the previous screenshots.
More human-v-chatgpt tic-tac-toe. Chatgpt plays a square that is already occupied. The human tells it that square is already full. It apologizes and tries again. That square is full too.
i love how it is not content to simply lose the game but must also describe how genius its terrible moves are.
the combo of confidence and fail are *chef's kiss*
Good work, Worst Timeline Joshua.