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Good morning y'all and welcome to the draw for the 1989 #

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a reminder of the guidelines I use for these: this is a two-stage event, with a group stage and a knockout stage; no live albums, no compilations (sorry, Minor Threat), one album per group, entirely at my discretion; ties will be broken up by whoever is in the higher pod for the draw
so Milli Vanilli is the meme vote this time, right
I regret to inform you the Millis did not mkae the cut
but I think there *is* a meme vote
[lottery ball machine noises go here]
here is the field for the 1989 #
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
Fugazi - 13 Songs
Julie Cruise - Floating into the Night
Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule 

Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy
The Cure - Disintegration
Faith No More - The Real Thing
Indigo Girls - Indigo Girls 

New Order - Technique
Nirvana - Bleach
Peter Gabriel - Passion: Music for the Last Temptation of Christ
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk 

Madonna - Like a Prayer
Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses 

The Cult - Sonic Temple
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814
Lou Reed - New York
Pixies - Doolittle 

The Blue Nile - Hats
Kate Bush - The Sensual World
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
The Wedding Present - Bizarro 

De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
Tears for Fears - The Seeds of Love
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever 

Aerosmith - Pump
Galaxie 500 - On Fire
Neil Young - Freedom
Spacemen 3 - Playing With Fire

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one row, one group; the action starts tomorrow!
1989 # - Group A
1989 # - Group B
1989 # - Group C
1989 # - Group D
1989 # - Group E
1989 # - Group F

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1989 # - Group G
1989 # - Group H
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #1
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #2
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #3
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #4
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #5
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #6

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1989 # - Round of 16, Match #7
1989 # - Round of 16, Match #8

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1989 # Quarterfinal #1
1989 # Quarterfinal #2
1989 # Quarterfinal #3
1989 # Quarterfinal #4
1989 # Semifinal #1

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1989 # Semifinal #2

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I can't even be mad if NIN loses to Disintegration
I think Beasties/NIN is the closer (and thus better) final, but at this point, these are four albums I like to love, so I'm with you

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this is Super Tuesday all over again
I thought this was going to be the "They definitely shared a bill" matchup - close, but not quite!


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I'll allow it
also is De La and the Beasties both win, they 100% shared a bill, right?
My gut says yes but both groups have taken a number of hiatuses, so I'm not 100% on it. I'll wait until the matchup to find out for real
Here is where we make our stand against the rockists #
I mean Paul's Boutique is also just the better record
bleach is a novelty PB is a revolution
imo there's a reason that bleach is not the album that got nirvana famous imo
Oof, tough draw.
Sophie's Choice
Thanks, I hate it.
wow this one hurt
what do we vote for if we don't know these?
either is fine, but also neither is fine; the # Selection Committee endorses all forms of voting, including not voting
Group G is a straight up battleground #
I think this is our Group of Death
see, losing to The Cure's best album? An acceptable end for Amy and Emily
if Indigo Girls loses to like, Aerosmith or Motley Crue I’m going to burn this place to the fucking ground
my official prognosticator's pick is that it sneaks into the round of 16 where it gets trounced by Paul's Boutique
that’s fine, as long as it loses to something good
ooooft. ‘89 was a good year.
I’m late to the game… how are evaluating the winners?
I'm going to start running some polls tomorrow; you vote for your fave, top two in each group go to the knockout round, finals are Saturday, we crown a champ on Sunday
oh fun! I didn’t realize it was crowdsourced. Looking forward to participating 😃
It sure was a HECK of a year, wasn't it?
there is a clear winner, or at least a clear final matchup, here, and I'm gonna throw a temper tantrum if the last 2 standing aren't Paul's Boutique and Pretty Hate Machine
it *could* be Doolittle/Like a Prayer
The Bracket Gods are nothing if not capricious, and they demand fealty to ONE or the OTHER