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So ActiveState has changed the licensing on their products from free to paid, including for old versions, including those you had downloaded and installed before they blogged about that change back in 2021. Other than that blog post they didn't inform anybody of that change. I'm not even sure you can change licensing conditions after someone has installed your product and accepted the license conditions.

Making a website with just one page, which just says "503 Service Unavailable". Then it can be fedi-ddos-ed without making any difference.

These three letter agencies... (DHL, UPS, DPD)

website of a swedish furniture company: you can easily repair small scratches by painting them!
me: ok, so what's the colour code of the paint I should use?
website: we do not give out our colour codes since they are a trade secret.

This streaming service in my country that shows Paramount+ content and owns Paramount+ content because they are Paramount+ (plus Showtime so Paramount++ really) now says that they hope this Paramount+ show will also come to this country. What do they mean hope? Surely they know? Since it's their content. It's not like they need to license it from anyone.

Interesting how the Netflix video to announce this year's Tudum event (17 June) says there's also going to be an announcement about Wednesday. Weird because season 2 was already announced and it hasn't even been written yet.

Also they suggest an announcement for Queen Charlotte, which I thought was a one season spin-off of Bridgerton.
#Netflix #Wednesday #QueenCharlotte

I started watching Yellowjackets, since there are at least three actresses in that show that I think are really good: Christina Ricci, Ella Purnell and Juliette Lewis. So far, after one episode, I'm not really feeling it. I think they're trying to introduce too many characters covering both the teenage girl soccer team and their adult versions many years later. Especially the adult lives are for the moment just not interesting. And the soccer team doesn't even seem to have eleven players!

What people like to do in replies, in decreasing order: writing their reply, reading the post they're replying to, following links to the information they're writing about. Don't let receipts get in the way of an opinion.

Today, 1 June, iCarly S3 is out on Paramount+. This is one of the photos Miranda posted on her Instagram about it.

I checked a bit early, over here they clearly don't think it's today yet. While it's 20 minutes past midnight already! (And why is my service saying it will actually disappear in 18 days?)
#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly

Miranda as Carly ready to start a scene, a clapper board in front of her reading iCarly S3. She's on the floor, in a kitchen, on the phone, in a red dress. Her, not the phone.

Finally watching Prey on Disney+, I am really slow at going through my watchlist. Pre-opening title we already have the twist that this tale which follows these 18th century indigenous people in the Americas also seems to involve spaceships and monsters. We'll see what it turns out to be.

The main character, a girl who wants to become a hunter, is played by Amber Midthunder and is super cool.
#Prey #AmberMidthunder

Amber Midthunder as Naru, a native American young woman, resting or hiding behind a tree.
This movie was really good too
@feld Yeah, I really liked it. It's a bit more random than intended when you're not aware of the predator franchise...

It was a juggling laptops and glasses kind of day. Laptops because some come with more restrictions than others, glasses to be able to read what I was typing.

The first twelve days of each month are the most dangerous.

(Was reminded again of Americans writing their dates wrong)

@Hank G ☑️ I also write it out like you say on forms, but I use 20230531 virtually everywhere else...
Oh yeah for file/folder names and that sort of thing I do that for numerical dates as well.

Authorised fetch / http signatures really gets in the way of efficient response caching / cdn, doesn't it?

Peertube now supports remote runners for the transcoding jobs! That's the one thing I was missing, I had no idea it was in the pipeline... (I had looked into adding it myself, but found it required substantial changes to how jobs are configured, which looks like they now did).

If only I wasn't on an old Debian version which blocks upgrading...

Messed up media storage on the dev node so much all files have been inaccessible. That's why it's a dev node I guess. Now I get to practise restoring the database, which is also a good thing.
That restore went smoothly. It even immediately re-imported the rss feed posts that had happened between the backup and now.

I'm that weird person who when making a test post in a DM to myself, I still enter the alt-text on the image... Something to do with not trusting that I selected the correct switch to make it a DM...

Disabling link previews on Pleroma after the thing the other day, made me realise how little I miss it. When doing the same on Friendica just to check, I notice that here it's a user setting, not an admin setting. The link preview, that is; the oEmbed setting is in the admin interface and uses an allow list.
If you have a single user instance you're not vulnerable to that stuff though. If you don't trust all your users, that's a different scenario 😅

New platform idea: Stir Trok, where you record short First Contact videos introducing your species.

More Artificial Confidence than Artificial Intelligence.