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Don't like how these radio stations here in my country are pushed to play dutch rap, or as I call it, drap.

"I can watch an entire show of just this"

Same here!

I'm three episodes in and it's so so good! Jenna is amazing, striking exactly the right tone to let a character like Wednesday Addams lead the story and draw you in.
#Wednesday #JennaOrtega
It was totally amazing. I want a season two. It's showing such great judgement by Jenna Ortega of presenting exactly the right kind and amount of internal torment to hook you on the character and the story, while also being true to the version we know who had her emotionless one-liners as a support character but which wouldn't work for leading eight episodes. This works. But we know, and many people say it, Jenna always delivers.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday