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Another film is announced with Jenna Ortega: Miller's Girl. They're currently shooting the film.

Other upcoming projects for Jenna: Wednesday, Finestkind, Scream 6.
#JennaOrtega #MillersGirl
In my excitement I forgot to add my excitement. It's so amazing that Jenna's films keep coming and coming!

I never really understand when people talk about dating like it's a choice ('starting to date again', etc) while to me it seems more like a privilege. One that not everybody has.

I'm still thinking that because in The Avengers they had the spy master's code name as 'Mother' and when one episode there was a female boss, the code name changed to 'Father', that in James Bond when 'M' was a woman they should have called her 'F'.

Third day in a row of easy food (pizza, fries, now pasta) but it's good since at least I'm not forgetting to eat dinner until midnight, or skip it all together. Though last time I boiled water for pasta it set off the fire alarm, so maybe it's not that easy.

I've been a bit more negative here recently because I've been irked by running into the walls of alternative realities of big corporations. There was the nationally railway that again didn't have trains running (can happen) but kept proclaiming that there were replacement buses. But I was there, there were no buses. But yet they insisted they were there.

And today DHL that just insists that I wasn't home while I was. And they insist they have a contact option on their site (live chat), which doesn't work, yet any contact with them they keep insisting should go through the live chat.

It's how they make you feel helpless that gets to me.

Searching the web for "how not to receive a package via DHL" but Google misunderstands, linking to the DHL site instead. Maybe they're not wrong... But I wanted to know if I can tell webshops to use someone else. I'm done with them.
I'm not blaming the delivery drivers. If they are put under enormous time constraints, they may be forced to take some shortcuts and not actually deliver your package but just register the attempt.

Just realised that with travelling time added, my workday is actually over twelve and a half hours. No wonder I have so little time left for other things. Other things being making dinner, which I'm starting now at 21:38.

I'm watching the most unconvincing green screen scenes ever, though for a 1980 tv show I'm surprised they even attempted it. The guy's legs occasionally completely disappear...

As 'm' means milli, your $1 gets you 1000 $1m.

@Gidi (@twitter) I didn't even notice it at first, but she doesn't blink at all in this clip, which is very eerie... As it should be. (Thanks for Jenna's stylist on Instagram for pointing this out) (all these other details are so amazing as well!)
#Wednesday #JennaOrtega #WednesdayNetflix

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My attempt to work in the office yet again foiled by the national railway service. And they weren't even on strike today.

I had waited for the mythical replacement busses for over an hour, but they didn't show up. I had to give up.

Just watched a balcony scene, of a different kind.

It is so important for gender equality in the entertainment industry that women, and female characters, can be average, or even bad, like the men are.

I also tried an HDR photo yesterday and though it succeeded in getting both the trees and the sky clearly visible in the picture, something feels really off about it to me. Maybe it is just because I know it is a processed photo. And that I was there and know it didn't look like that.

Green trees and a sunny but cloudy sky; because of the HDR mode of the camera both aspects are properly exposed
That's because the sky is too bright, and the picture has too much sharpness in the trees, which kills the coherence between skies and trees and make it look dead.

Try taking a picture with a darker sky, either by using a different angle or time of day
@Sexybiggetje🐖 Interesting, thank you. I'll see whether I can take these insights into account another time.

Achieved some understanding of the usage of this in Javascript. It will probably be gone again very soon.

Eating a pizza 3 minutes before putting it in the oven, as instructed (10-13 minutes)

The effects of anti-malware on your computer are not dissimilar to the effects of malware itself.

Presumably the text "Processing..." is shown for such a long time on the Microsoft Word splash screen, since it's some kind of word play on the term Word Processor and they're waiting for someone to get it.

@Sexybiggetje🐖 Hi Martijn, now your main instance is back (federation between Friendica and GoToSocial doesn't really work yet) I can reply regarding this post ( that 'nomadic identities' are implemented in Zap and Osada (among others), so they already do exist in the fediverse. From non-implementing platforms like Friendica and Mastodon these just look like two follows from two different accounts; and it shouldn't be impossible for other platforms on the fediverse to implement it as well.

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Thanks! I was already up to speed on this, but forgot who implemented them and under what name. I'll take a look at how they implement it. Cool tech 🤗
@Sexybiggetje🐖 great! I don't know how it's implemented, but there's something like a copiedTo attribute on profiles that a platform can use to understand nomadic identities (Mastodon already I think uses movedTo for similar things), but there's a lot more complicated stuff about keeping channels in sync.

I'm trying to think of equally scary things but I can't find any.

I'm going to dress up as CORS for Halloween this year and scare the shit out of everyone

I'm going to dress up as CORS for Halloween this year and scare the shit out of everyone

In my country train ticket prices are incredibly expensive. A single ticket is considerably more expensive than going by car for one person, for multiple persons the car wins even more. Add to it that the car brings you from a to b and the train only from c to d, it's a wonder anybody takes the train at all. The train is completely co2 free though, it should be heavily subsidised.

Spent some time looking up what the union demands are for the train strikes I'm affected by, and that seriously is difficult to find. No news article mentions it, they just talk about what trains aren't going. When I found the union website I had hope, but most posts there had the same problem. Four levels deep I found some hints.

The thing is that 4.5% salary increase was offered (or 3.5% per year for a multi year deal) while automatic tracking of inflation was demanded. Also some structural changes of working conditions (e.g. related to night time work) were asked by the unions and not offered by the employer.

I don't understand the secrecy around this for something that affects the whole country.

I keep forgetting that federation between Friendica and GoToSocial is still a but wonky. So I reshared the thing that was meant to be a reply so that it's at least something.

"Wednesday is technically a Latina character and that's never been represented. So for me, any time that I have an opportunity to represent my community, I want that to be seen." — @jennaortega

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My four and a half years old Samsung phone just got another software update and is now up to date with the built of July 2022 (the model is over five years old). Impressed. I used to do some Samsung bashing, but they're doing it right now.

the links to every organization @DoveCameron added to the end of her breakfast mv. #bansoffourbodies


please go check them out and see what can be done in your state❗️


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Dove Cameron's music video for her song Breakfast has an important message in the post-Roe world, not only the "Not The End" card.
#DoveCameron #Breakfast

Spoiled for choice... What to play to celebrate Alizée's birthday?

Happy Birthday, Alizée!

Six albums by Alizée
Narrator: it's going to be "5", it's always "5".

For more gender balance I've bought a USB cable with one female and one male connector, rather than the more common all male ones.

I don't understand this generating 'app passwords' after setting two factor authentication somewhere. Where you first had one password that was difficult to guess, you now have one password that is combined with the 2fa code even more difficult to guess, but because you have five apps that don't support 2fa you also have five passwords that are difficult to guess. But that is still five times easier to guess than before.

I'm getting the feeling that Nextcloud is the emacs of the cloud world, like Synology DSM is it for a NAS. Whenever it looks like a desktop and people can make apps for it, they will make apps for everything whether related, relevant, or not, like it is some kind of operating system in itself.

The way to fix problems in Windows is nowadays, or I should say try to fix, not just to restart the computer. You need to do at least:

  • restart to fix software issues, since shutdown and startup is no longer the same as restarting,
  • shutdown, power down and power up to fix hardware issues

Just completely forget about logging off and on again...

I don't know why my computer keyboard has things like 'A' and 'Q' written on them, suggesting a function to put those letters on your screen, while in reality their function is to add the text '(not responding)' to any window title bar.

Wow, Instagram now has a chronological timeline with just the people you follow. Great! It's a bit hidden... They are working hard to become an alternative to Pixelfed 😅

Jenna Ortega is so amazing in this trailer, the details in the performance are exceptional. I've been singing her praises for a while and I feel so vindicated...
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

Mayhem, mystery and murder — this isn't your average Wednesday.

From the mind of Tim Burton, comes @wednesdayaddams. Premiering this fall

A little detail as example: she learned how to play the cello for this role. There's no just waving a stick around near some strings here and then call it a day like some others would have done.
“Little did I know that I’d be stepping into a nightmare. Full of mystery, mayhem and murder. I think I’m going to love it here.”