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Peacocking, is that a word? It just came to me. I was reading a tech forum of course.

> The preview image for the android app is just a spinner.


Some people have forgotten how to use a phone. It goes to your ear.

People who say to go out and meet people don't understand how much when you go out you don't meet people. You're only confronted by how much other people are going about as couples or with friends, making it clearer how alone you are.

There's a dance festival going on nearby and I'm getting their music for free. I'm wondering how it's possible that after all this time, dance music is still the same. Shouldn't new generations invent new music?

If you're a spy, and you're found out having stolen secret information, some apparently think it's a valid defence to just say that the police should have asked for the information back.

I cycled around the airport today, after having forgotten how big airports are.

The average time since the start of the measurement is always 1.
We are all time travelers, going about our time traveling with a speed of about 1 second per second.

It's come to it that you need two laptops per one electron application.

It doesn't really matter whether you have a Facebook account or not, it just helps them put a name to the person. In lots of other ways, they already know exactly who you are.

Imagine a company spending lots of time and money protecting their website from cross-site scripting attacks and other forms of code injection, to then place adverts on their site.

Jenna Ortega posted this amazing photo on her Instagram of herself in her Wednesday Addams costume. Can't wait to see what they've made!
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday
Jenna as Wednesday lying in the grass, seen upside down, sneakers on someone else's feet also in the frame; everyone wears black

Left wing value system: right vs wrong
Right wing value system: win vs lose

When a left winger steps back from an unjust fight, the right winger is honestly confused. When a right winger makes accusations of something they themselves are known to have done as well, and this is pointed out to them, they are like, I don't see your point.

I should know better than to fill in a contact form on a website after the faq's didn't answer my question. I should have known that I would just get a mail quoting those very same faq's that I had just read.
I'm wondering how much these websites know that this just translates as they don't want my business.

Any demon they vanquish just comes back some seasons later, I don't know why they even bother.

The Clear View cover of my phone failed after five years of loyal service, so I decided the phone will have to go commando from now on and fend for itself.

A photoshoot is when you put up a photo of someone you don't like and try to hit it with a bow and arrow.

People who are comfortable taking a picture of themselves should probably not be and some who aren't, should.
I am very much in the am not / should not category, but we live in a visual age.

Things I can't do:
  • lie
  • swear
  • be angry

These are missing circuits in my brain.
I'm aware of the Red Dwarf episode where the subject was that the ability to lie is essential for social interaction (not necessarily the lying itself, but the ability).

Using an external display, with mouse and keyboard, on my phone (over USB-C) is a neat experience. It works fine; typing this now with a physical keyboard on my phone, and it even charges the phone while I do it. Portrait mode, and landscape mode work, even Samsung DEX for the whole desktop experience.

Imagine having the superpower to heal anybody, but when the person you love with all your heart is mortally wounded you can't because the sheer panic of losing her consumes you completely.
Story idea that I realised I would never make into a story due to lack of time.

Each time I upgrade Docker, I get new courgettes on my desktop.

If searching for perfection is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Leo angrily to Piper in #Charmed: " wanna freeze me in bed for your own personal pleasures that's fine, but...". Wow, tmi much?