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#DoveCameron is eating me for #Breakfast (since it is already midnight here and we have early breakfast).

We've had to cancel so many volleyball games lately that for this next one I think I'm going to need a refresher of the rules. How many times was the ball allowed to bounce on the ground?

I've been using public transport more lately and I'm again developing the same impression I had previously when I used it regularly, which is that to the people operating these scheduled services the actual operating of these services seems optional.

tumblr is broken in a new interesting way so that's both new and familiar at the same time.

Resisted the urge to say Emma Watson (1990) when talking about Noah (2014). And now failed to resist it.

I fell asleep, woke up, and suddenly it's Thursday
-- Prue

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X is out on blu-ray in Europe! I saw this film in the cinema and it was amazing.

It's getting to be quite a collection...
#XMovie #JennaOrtega

Stack of disks of Jenna Ortega films, with X on top

The same stack seen from the side, with X, Scream, You S2, Saving Flora (twice) and The Little Rascals Save The Day
I'd have more if these streaming companies didn't tend to block dvd / blu-ray releases. I'd definitely have The Fallout, The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Yes Day if they would be released on disc. Now I'm paying HBO Max and Netflix monthly for access to these films.
Let's rewatch it now, before it gets too late and dark and I don't dare to see this scary movie anymore...

X (2022)

My technique for finding good films is to find a good actress and then see which films are smart enough to hire her, and which films she considers worthy of her time. I'm so happy to have found Jenna Ortega...

Seeing a post by an actress I follow in my timeline on Instagram, where she is promoting a film and appears all bloodied in special effects makeup (shark attack) reminded me of the time I saw a post by another actress who was all bloodied in my timeline and I thought 'great! new film!', but when I checked the caption to see what film it was, I found out it was real... (cat attack) (she's fully recovered now).

I may be the only person in the world who clicks the 'watch credits' button in Netflix.

me: how do I use product x?
google: buy product x here!
or here!
get x cheap!
five ways to buy x
other people search for 'where can I buy x'
*pages and pages more like that*
me: but I already have product x, I just want to find information about using it... :-(

Google has become impossible to use as a search engine, which is unfortunate since it is a search engine.

Watching the recent film North Hollywood for the first time, because it has #MirandaCosgrove in it.

I was going to complain that I forgot to check my Pleroma notifications for account migrations so I could do them manually in Friendica, but it seems that somehow Pleroma sometimes follows an account migration without showing the notification. (Maybe if the old account gets deleted?)

I'm already under mosquito attack sitting on my balcony, but it's too early and too warm to retreat inside. I'm going for a walk and hope they can't keep up.

Happy 6th wedding anniversary Alizée and Gregoire!

I love how happy she looks.
#Alizée #Wedding
Wedding photo of Alizée and Gregoire, smiling and happy, of course!

I think Ella Al-Shamahi is the real-life Indiana Jones. The below photo is not really an illustration of that fact, just an interesting picture of her, though I did think of captioning it "Real-life Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur".

The photo shows Ella in Cambodia with a bird that is more than half her size (and she's not short) playfully biting her finger. The bird is a Great Hornbill.
#EllaAlShamahi #GreatHornbill #RealLifeIndianaJones
The bird is not in captivity and free to leave the sanctuary it's in. Though it seems like paying football too much to do so. Yes, football. Watch in this amazing video Ella posted on her Instagram:

(I may edit this post later too include the video, for now it's over my own upload limit)
People in the UK are in luck, a documentary series presented by her starts on Channel 4 tomorrow. This channel is blocked outside the UK, but apparently us in the rest of the world get this documentary series later this year. It's about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and the curse-myth that followed.
#EllaAlShamahi #Tutankhamun
Ella posing in front of an entrance to an Egyptian tomb, hieroglyphs are on the wallElla posing in the entrance to the tomb. There's a wooden walkway.

Seen an old rebroadcast of a topical news quiz. All prime ministers featured have since gone, but despite what we thought at the time things could get worse.

Still feels weird to realise that the Commodore 64 was named after its 64kB of memory. Kilobytes, not MB or GB. Or 64 bits...

And of those 64 kilobytes, 32 kB were switched off by default and its address space used for the I/O chips. Because who needs that much memory?

There were businesses that ran their whole admin on one Commodore 64.

Browsing a site, going to page 5 in the list and it looks like they have to switch tapes in the machine to serve this request. Page 4 already took considerable time, for this one I think they even need to open a box, after locating it first.

Just started watching High Fidelity with Zoë Kravitz on StarzPlay. I really like it so far, Zoë is such a star and she seems to be in her element leading a tv series that she also exec produces. She has long since stopped being 'the daughter of' (either her father or her mother) and is a great actress (and singer) in her own right.
# #

Reading up on something and apparently I can set any locale as the default locale for a cloud instance, provided I choose "C" since that is the only one that works. Also, for ssh connections it by default uses any locale specified by the client, provided it specifies "C" since that's all that it has.

(Free from Blackadder's "last meal" scene, where the prisoner could choose any last meal, provided he chose sausages since sausages was the only thing the cook made)

(I see the info about dpkg-reconfigure locales to install extra locales, but that is manual and only after a cloud instance has been instantiated. I was looking into what cloud-init can do for me)

It's so odd, I factory-reset my tv and now suddenly the picture quality is good again in a way that just reseting the picture settings didn't achieve. Or maybe a proper switching off and on again would have done the same thing?

I'm watching the season finale of Alta Mar (High Seas) again, since I can't remember what happened and I suspect it may be useful to know before watching the next seasons. I must have been very tired when I watched it, since I've got no clue. Netflix insists I did finish that episode. Anyway, more Ivana Baquero.

I'm clearly not keeping up with blogging about Jenna Ortega news because there is just so much of it. How can she do more things than I can write 'she did this thing'... Until I've caught up a quick overview:

  • She stunned at the MET gala last month and with that attendance brought in much money for charity
  • She stunned again at the MTV Movie & TV Awards yesterday, on the red carpet and on stage where she presented an award to Olivia Rodrigo
  • She won at the MTV Movie & TV Awards for her performance in Scream
  • Scream, X, Studio 666 are all out on digital and discs
  • American Carnage, the film she made long ago (I think 2019), finally has a trailer out and has a release date set for next month
  • Wednesday is coming in the Fall and will have a first look today
  • She just finished filming the film Finestkind two days ago
  • She will film Scream 6 this summer

Jenna only won at the MTV Movie Awards 'Best Frightened Performance' for Scream! That was an amazing performance indeed, well deserved!
# # # #
Jenna pretend eating the golden popcorn she'd just won

Using the # frontend on Friendica looks reasonably ok. The notification screen even makes more sense, showing only actual notifications (instead of Friendica's 'someone you don't follow replied to another post in the thread than the one you favourited').

However, they don't seem to know all notification types, so when an rss post comes in you get this notification:
Notification saying "Something magical happened".

Bought a sunshade for my balcony yesterday, but couldn't test it yet because it was already later in the afternoon and the sun had turned around the building. Today it's extremely depressing weather, continuous rain and light levels haven't been above dusk yet. I'm sorry for jinxing the summer for everybody...

Most people agree that the war in Ukraine needs to stop. But there's a difference in what people mean when they say that. Some, including me, think that Russia should stop its aggression and withdraw to within its own borders. Others think Ukraine should just give up and let itself be overrun.

The people arguing things like the west prolonging the war, drawing out the conflict, etc are of the latter opinion.

Why are they wrong? Because Russia will just start the next war to invade the next country. As they've done before. In fact, there's already a treaty between Russia and Ukraine where the former solemnly swore to not invade. See what those promises are worth.

It feels so weird to me to see people talking about reading books as if it's like eating snacks, consuming many of them really fast. I mean how fast can you read a book? It takes me years to read one...

Questions I have: what is foo and why are they fighting it and what is trooping and why are they doing that to colours?

American Carnage, the film that @jennaortega filmed in Spain years ago, finally has a trailer and will be released 15 July! This includes on the big screen.
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We are finally stopping with Russian oil (with caveats). Great. But I wish this was done with immediate effect. Quote from Latvia's PM: "It's going to cost us more. But it's only money. The Ukrainians are paying with their lives."

Something you can take from a role model is the inspiration to know your passion and to have the drive to persue your passion.

But I must be careful not to focus on how far from that goal I am, which could be depressing. I sort of half know what my passions are or were, but I have so little energy which manifests in having so little time to do something with that. I used to love discovering new music and going on journeys through the songs I already had. Now even putting a cd in the player already feels like too much effort.

People who deal with things they disagree with by harassing others, can and should be ignored. But I know it's hard.

I think my latest order has shipped with a steamboat.