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Jenna Ortega is nominated for best actress in a comedy series at the SAG Awards for her role in Wednesday! She deserves all the awards...
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There are many web site themes.

*filtering out the ones that are some kind of call-to-action thing*

There are no web site themes.

Award season, when the US entertainment industry celebrates the things us in the rest of the world have not even heard about.

Tonight will be the Golden Globe award ceremony where Jenna Ortega is nominated for best actress (subcategory comedy or musical series) for her role in Wednesday. I hope she wins! For me she has already won, and as best actress overall, or best person overall. She is also presenting an award, a different one I assume.
#JennaOrtega #GoldenGlobes

Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will come out in the US on 14 May. This will be the final season.

I'm currently watching season 7, because that has just come out for us in the rest of the world.

In this The Guardian interview the band B*Witched talk about 1998, just before they became famous, and what happened since. They recreate a publicity photo they did then.

I was a huge fan. Mainly of Lindsay Armaou. Still am. I had seen them about a year before their first single came out in something I happened to catch on video tape. I was struck.

The four girls crowded on a chair in their double denim, back in 1998, ages 20 to 26.
B*Witched in 1998, photographer unknown.

The same four girls (we should already have said women back in 1998), in the exact same position, in 2022.
B*Witched in 2022, by Simon Webb.

#Bewitched #B*Witched #LindsayArmaou
Even though B*Witched was one of the most real girl- (or boy-) bands at the time (actually talented performers, down to earth people), there's still some manufacturing going on as you can sense in that article. I dislike that aspect of pop music with a passion. Sinead was made 'the blonde one', Keavy had her personality and hairstyle assigned that she didn't feel happy with. But they were really young women, trusted the record company and went with it. I think other bands are manufactured to even much higher degrees.

The article doesn't mention it specifically, but when Lindsay talks about being 20 (and the youngest) when they started, we early fans know that is not what was in all the biographies... There she was 18, fresh out of high school was her origin story. I think ages 18-24 could be marketed better to high school kids than 20-26...

So, transcoding on my PeerTube works again, without going into the swapfile this time. Which is a much smoother experience.

I can read my viewer comments without bursting into tears!

-- Carly

Beware of feigned victimhood which some people use to make them feel good about 'kicking up instead of shitting down' when they attack their chosen target.

Apparently Twitter has a setting in your profile for your gender, which they automatically populate based on activity. Mine was set at female 😧. Is it really so unnatural for a man to support women?

Instead of evangelising just let people be themselves and make their own decisions.

I think evangelising comes from doubting yourself after having made a choice that doesn't turn out to be very popular. You want others to also come over to your side so you don't look a fool being on your own. But just look at it from your own perspective: are you happy and getting what you wanted out of making your choice? Then that's all that matters.

I've long since stopped worrying about looking like a fool, since I do anyway. I'm always on my own in my choices.

For season two I have some outlandish ideas. They could go full meta and have Wednesday deal with toxic fandom Wednesday-style, after doing it Tara-style earlier. But I'm actually ready for a full season of Goody Addams. Possibly flashback, possibly dual persona, but we haven't seen nearly enough of this very strong character. Or she flees along the fields and mountains with Enid, eight episodes long.

I wouldn't be a very good script writer. I'd do one idea for eight episodes long.

Scream trying to announce something on the day that Wednesday is announced for season two... Sorry, we can't hear you, Scream!

Don't say you don't get the news here. That was within 7 minutes from the announcement.

Apparently people have watched Wednesday over 340 million hours in a single week, even I can't claim that's all me. It's a record. It is number 1 in 83 countries.
#WednesdayNetflix #Wednesday
Before Wednesday Jenna Ortega had 8 million followers on Instagram, which I think is a lot, and with the Wednesday promotion going on it had creeped up to 9 million. I was wondering whether the release would lift it over the 10 million. Now, a week after the release, she has 16.6 million followers on Instagram. I guess people like what she did.
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix

Hashtags do not federate. Sure, they federate, tagging along to posts that are sent to servers of followers. And though you can't subscribe to hashtags, you can subscribe to hashtags, once they happen to have arrived at your server.

But the important use of a hashtag, to create an informal space around a subject you can explore and subscribe to, doesn't work in the fediverse. If I'm interested in "# AmazingSubject" and subscribed to it, and you post your amazing take about it with "# AmazingSubject", I won't receive it. Not unless some specific conditions apply like we're on the same server, or someone on my server follows you, or someone with the right connections reshared your post, or our servers are on the same relay.

But if you need the info about e.g. flood warnings, track a news topic in your job as journalist or security researcher, support customers tagging your product, or want the latest information about your hobby, this is not good enough.

Content warning: uspol, non-serious

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Content warning: uspol, non-serious

Interesting that the ChatGPT page doesn't let me access it because it keeps insisting I'm a bot. Even though I was putting on my most human face. I was trying to see whether it is free to use, and secure, but it shows no terms and conditions page. On the mobile site I get as far as an email input box, but with no terms, conditions, privacy statement I don't know what I sign up for.

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Ginny & Georgia season 2 is out today on Netflix. The trailer had a glimpse of Katie Douglas, so she's in it. But probably again with little screen time like the previous season. But knowing Katie she's going to make it count, again like previous season.

The series itself is totally worth watching, don't let my Katie focus suggest otherwise.
#GinnyAndGeorgia #KatieDouglas

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 has become available on Amazon Prime. This may sound like old news for those in other countries, but this is really how long we have to wait.

I'm now starting episode 6. So far this season of the (at least) three actresses I follow the series for, one could already be seen in a glimpse and had about one line, another had a good episode but was only in that one episode, and the other may not be in this season at all but is talked about.
I have a problem with the character of Morgan. Not that he always wants to help everybody no matter what, that I like, but that whenever a woman does something on her own he sets himself the task of rescuing her, whether she's in danger or not and whether she wants him to or not. Sometimes the writers make her be in danger by the time he gets to her, making him look like the hero. But it's more that he believes (the writers do) that a woman can't do anything by herself.

Content warning: uspol, ukpol, non-serious, intentional misunderstanding, sm

When a film starts and the first six credits are all male actors, I'm switching channels. No time for that. It happens more than 1.6% of the time.

Actually I'm also done with the superhero films with one token female character even if she's supposed to be one of the superheroes too.

It's rather scary when a rather literal writer writes something and I as a rather literal reader understand it one way, to see that most other people have a very emotional response to it, having understood it in a completely different way.

Scary because I'm afraid this could unintentionally happen to something I post.

I think I said this before: I don't write between the lines. The meaning is only where the ink goes.

It's so weird that schools in my country have things like a 'prom' too now, because everybody sees it in the films and assumes it's a tradition. This totally didn't exist in my day.

I see some well meaning advice for people used to Twitter that 'here' you need to 'boost' instead of 'like' because there's no algorithm to have these likes translate into views.

Firstly, there's only an algorithm on Twitter if you wanted that. You could just as easily use Twitter with the algorithm disabled, so that's not the differentiating factor. If you chose to run Twitter with the algorithm enabled, this place is likely not going to work for you.

Secondly, you're still thinking about trying to maximise views and chasing clout. That you appreciate a post is between you and its author, no further audience is needed. Just reblog what you want your followers to see because it fits the aesthetic of your page, just send a like for other posts you appreciate so the author knows.

Between this account and several test accounts there's only one account where the new follower notification is working. And it's not this one. I can't spot the difference.

Happy Birthday Dafne!

Today Dafne Keen turns 18, which means Logan is now 7 years ago. She's a very talented Spanish/British actress who, unlike Lyra, did not sleep through growing up, making the great His Dark Materials.

Ana is not out yet where I live 😢. She's currently filming Star Wars: The Acolyte.
So many stunts she does herself, including some big ones. While 11yo. I think that by then she was already well versed in aerial silks, which is one of her hobbies outside of acting. Photography being a recent other one.
She's so good. That scene near the end where they're sharing the same dark thoughts. That scene in the middle where she has that outburst at Logan. Actually, I happen to know she improvised that one(*), not on the day but during her final audition. It's on the blu-ray extras and the look on his face of 'what is happening' was very real.

(*) Can you imagine, I say it again, 11 years old, having done your audition, probably acing it because, Dafne, and then turn to all those studio execs and ask: 'Can I do it again? But this time improvise it?'

Happy Birthday @DafneKeen!

Today Dafne Keen turns 18, which means "Logan" is now 7 years ago. She's a very talented Spanish/British actress. Unlike Lyra, Dafne did not sleep through growing up, making the great "His Dark Materials".

Reminder that despite your private ssh keys being nicely tucked away in the .ssh folder of your very own home directory (where no-one can get at them, right?) they still need to be encrypted with a password.

(Just read an article about a hack that claimed to be benevolent and just research but in the process uploaded the .ssh folder, likely the .aws file, etc. Interestingly, the hack is not something the user could do much against.)