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So scared I got that shitpost joke wrong, I checked it before and after. I think I've got it correct...

Y is like a form of X with bits missing.

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Great interview with Jenna Ortega, where she talks about Wednesday, creating a character and working together with Tim Burton.
(They fixed the link!)
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday #WednesdayNetflix…


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#feditip Don't just track down all kinds of Google Docs links with accounts for a subject of your interest, also have a look at #trunk where you find lots of subjects together. (Opt-in of course)

Tsk at reviewers that are surprised that Wednesday Addams is so brilliantly played in the new tv show: it said so right there on the information you received, it says "Wednesday Addams - Jenna Ortega". That's a synonym for "brilliantly played".
#JennaOrtega #Wednesday

Everybody has their own way to look at films and tv shows, either focusing on the story, the director, the meaning, etc. For me it's the way the characters are written and acted.

So I've arrived at the later episodes of House of the Dragon and have a later seasons of Game of Thrones deja-vu. Maybe the characters after the time jumps can be interesting but since they're totally not consistent with the characters as they were before, I'm not into it. It's like Alicent and Rhaenyra have switched bodies, Freaky Friday style.

Actually 'Van Gogh' is pronounced 'Van Gog', but with the letters pronounced as their actual letters rather than as English.

(Regarding previous reshare: sounds close enough...)

What is it called in English when you collect paper (newspapers, etc) for recycling? We call it 'old paper' (oud papier) so I tend to refer to advertising materials as new old paper.

Feel like starting a site about film and dvd releases, but from a purely Dutch perspective only, so I can just say 'not available' on all of them.
Then after a long adventure involving a vpn or handbrake bypass, change that to 'mostly not available'.
Yes, it's not all '42' and 'life, the universe and everything' in thhgttg references.

I don't like selfie filters, but won't blame people for what society made them do.

#PeerTube has a neat opt-in mechanism in place to alleviate the fediverse ddos problem of popular videos: it's what they call redundancy. Servers that opt-in can share the load on new, trending or popular videos. Your browser, when playing a video, will fragment by fragment decide which server to get the content from, giving a smooth stream no matter what the load. The only extra requirement is that the original server is still online.

BTW, offloading storage and serving via cdn are also really easy in PeerTube, so you can go that route as well.

#feditip To open a thread, click the date or time of the post. Depending on the platform you're on (true for most, including Mastodon) click the date or time again to open the thread on the original server. Only then you get a proper view of the posts in the thread.

Do this before replying. Someone else may have responded already!

There's a skill to taking selfies that I'm too old for to possess.

I still love how Brittany Murphy and Alicia Silverstone played opposite each other in Clueless, essentially rotating their characters opposite each other, like one of those fairground teacups. Not unlike Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls, which actually features those teacups. Still miss Brittany.
#Clueless #BrittanyMurphy #AliciaSilverstone #DakotaFanning #UptownGirls #MovieBowl

When I see some php-based projects that don't just work but work well (e.g. Wordpress, Friendica) and consider the scope of the functionality they try to achieve and the characteristics of the language, I'm wondering how are these even working at all? Must be some magic(*).

(*) talented open source developers
Php seems to me the wrong language to run the web on, yet most of the web does. Purely on characteristics of the language, something like Elixir or Go, maybe Java/C/C++, would be a logical choice. Yet it's all php, or python for those who want to be more modern.
It isn't just characteristics though. I guess 'ecosystem' and 'familiarity' are a thing too.

Apparently if I quote-share a post and add a link, the link preview gets presented as part of the shared post.

And if the shared post has an abstract (content warning) that's different from the one on my post, it will be used on my post anyway...

Content warning: Birdsite

Testing is when the bugs appear, so...

Single point of failure


Single point of fixing things

How romantic it must be to get imprisoned in a castle and made to squeeze out heirs
-- Rhaenyra

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"Honestly, I look at you and I don't know if you need a cuddle or an exorcism"
-- Hayley

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That's a fun little game!

If you ever felt (or knew) that most “just the tip of the iceberg“ slide illustrations look kinda wrong, you can put any iceberg to the test and see how it floats. :D

Book "Anatomical Oddities" by Alice Roberts, with a sticker "Signed by the author"

Proof that announcing a book on the fediverse can also lead to sales... This is "Anatomical Oddities" by @Prof Alice Roberts . Just arrived today!
#AliceRoberts #AnatomicalOddities

Jenna Ortega interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, about Wednesday, Tim Burton, Christina Ricci, starting acting so young and her mom.
#JennaOrtega #JimmyKimmel
"You know it's dark if Wednesday thinks it's dark" 😄

I've got stuff to do and tv shows to watch, so obviously I was looking up how to install alternative linux desktop environments. They make it sound easy, I may try it. Like sudo apt install kubuntu-full or sudo apt install ubuntu-studio-installer, or at least something like that.
It's not as smooth switching between the two as they make it out to be, as you also need to switch the default display manager, and some icons and titlebars get changed anyway, but I can work with it.
Apparently you also have to reset the gnome theme to get the icons and titlebars back. Why installing kde would change the gnome theme I don't know.

I still pronounce iCarly as 'ickerly' because once a joke is funny it remains funny, right? Right?

Content warning: Russia's war in Ukraine

Great photos of the honourees including Jenna Ortega. Note that the link they give accesses the original, full, non-watermarked photos, in case you like such a thing.

Check out some of our FAV pics 🔥from last night @imdbpro portrait studio with our Celebrate Latino Cinema honorees
More at from the IMDB PRO GALLERY LINK at……

#celebratelatinocinema @jennaortega @IsmaelC_C #CriticsChoice

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It was a beautiful night at the @CriticsChoice 2nd Annual Celebration of Latino Cinema and Talent! Help us honor these incredible selections.





Wednesday Addams had a very on-brand message for Netflix employees in the elevators this morning


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When you follow someone and receive their messages, you'd think that's an action you do, or your server does for you. But it's the other way around: the other account, or its server, is sending these messages to you. It's like being on a mailinglist. You've subscribed once (or clicked 'follow'), but after that they're the ones sending out the messages.

"But can someone put you on their followers list without you clicking 'follow'?" In theory, yes. They can send messages to your server as if you follow them. But your server will not present them in your timeline since the 'follow' is not registered in your account as well. In this case you'll not see these messages. So in practise there's no problem.

"I would happily row myself back to King's Landing, ..." I think the reason why Rhaenyra's words make such an impact on the people around her is that they know she would do it.

Watched some more of the new iCarly yesterday to get my Miranda Cosgrove fix. I'm still on season 1, she's filming season 3 already. Now I'll do the next episode of House Of The Dragon. Only two more episodes left until they jump to a later time and other actresses, so that will be no more Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra (😪) but we get to see Olivia Cooke as Alicent (🥳).

With that name I can only imagine Milly getting bullied at school and that when she has to give her name in any formal setting, they come back with: 'I'm sorry how do you spell that?'. I feel that now, by becoming a major actress, she's got her vengeance.

#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly #MillyAlcock #OliviaCooke

This idea that having to pay for a vip subscription would stop bad people, have they learned nothing from tinder? It's how you recognise the scammers over there...

A photo of a beautiful woman, on tinder, not listing age or location (a pay-only feature) ==> fake.

The experience of seeing women's profiles on these dating apps:

  • the photos are screenshots of other apps, like these aren't even photos of these women themselves
  • the photos are so bad that you can't even take a photo that bad anymore with any phone camera of the last decade, like these photos are rehashed from old profiles
  • the texts cut off halfway a word at the app's text size limit, like someone pasted it in from another profile without even looking at it
  • sometimes several profiles in a row have the same face, sometimes with altered facial features, as if some researchers are running an experiment
  • nobody ever reacts

It's almost as if these profiles aren't real.

I know that these dating apps put you in and show you categories that correspond with how good looking they think you yourself are, and that that means that I'm getting the bottom of the barrel since I'm of course in the lowest category myself, but it sure is the bottom.
#dating #DatingApps
Or... They may just be fake profiles. My guess, since there's a lot of this shit around

I love that Caroline Orr (rvawonk) is now also on the fediverse! (As @Caroline Orr Bueno ). I have to quote her message on twitter about it though:

Lol everyone on Mastodon is all, “I love dogs”, “Saving the planet,” “Humanity is great” …. and then I burst in the room with “Studying hostile social manipulation and weaponized influence.”

She is of course wrong. It's cats.

I'm kidding, “studying hostile social manipulation and weaponized influence” is exactly what a lot of people here would be interested in, in my experience. I certainly am.