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So if I were to do portrait photography with that camera, which I don't, I would need to walk into the next room and aim to take the photo through the open door.

Content warning: US court case SH/AJ

"with midnight arriving 1.59 milliseconds sooner than expected"

I felt that.

When I'll turn 104 years old, I'll receive a notification that a poll I voted in has just ended. Will I remember what it is about?
Though it seems that 'this poll ends in 52 years' is what Pleroma sets if there is no end date on a poll. So apparently the end of times is defined as 52 years from now...
@Gidi Kroon there is a saying here which says that if the world ends, one should be in Vienna because everything happens 50 years later there... Maybe there is a relation?

It's become clear the Russian army is targeting civilians in Ukraine.

Are American channel names really that weird or is it something like those 555 phone numbers? E.g. here in Europe one of the radio channels I listen to most is called Studio Brussel, while in tv shows it's often like 'listen to KWXTERDDSRSTUDIDYTIYTDDTUI FM!'
Three local radio stations I sometimes listen to, although not often because american radio is garbage: WYEP WDVE WESA. Yup it's true.

I'm still not over Dove Cameron deleting all her old songs. I really went to that playlist a lot and now I can't.

I'm trying the #Hinge dating app. I'm at setting up my profile and uploaded 6 photos. Now it only gives me this screen, can't go back or forward. I've tapped everywhere. Already tried closing the app and restarting. The purple button is to skip and gives a warning that your profile won't work if you do that.

Now what? Anybody knows how this screen works?

A rather white mobile screenshot with the title 'Write your profile answers' and the instruction that you need three answers. The only button is a Skip button. There's no input box, no keyboard, and importantly, no questions.
Ok, uninstalling/reinstalling fixes this (or just remove data). So I'm using it now. Next problem is that the only women on this app are in far away countries...

Content warning: WagathaChristie court case, UK celeb stuff

I switched off the twitter cards plugin on my site and now the twitter cards are no longer working. I wonder whether there's a connection.

The plugin was not maintained and also switching it back on didn't fix the cards according to the validator, so I leave it off. I guess I'll just have to adapt the theme myself.
@Mary Mara's Kitten Bakery It's when you add a link to a site, e.g. a news article, in a tweet and twitter shows it with a preview of the site, usually a photo with a title and a description. The thing is that twitter can't know what to show in that preview card, so each site contains hidden codes to tell twitter what to show in the twitter card for that site. Facebook also shows previews of links, but needs different hidden codes. And there are several other systems too... So each site ends up with quite a lot of hidden configuration just to make all these social networks work.

Ah, to have lived with a rock over your head all these years.

Miranda Cosgrove posted this photo on her Instagram, with the caption:

So excited to announce that we are starting Season 3 of @icarly! Can’t wait to get back to work with my people ❤️ Thanks for watching 💕

So yay, new iCarly! And great photo!
Miranda in a red with white dress standing outside near a brick wall
So if Paramount+ were to start broadcasting where I live I could be really happy and actually see it.

#MirandaCosgrove posted this photo on her Instagram, with the caption:

"So excited to announce that we are starting Season 3 of @iCarly! Can’t wait to get back to work with my people ❤️ Thanks for watching 💕"

So yay, new #iCarly! And great photo!
Miranda in a red with white dress standing outside near a brick wall

Anyway, time for more escapism of watching good tv.

Online advice things often talk about having insecurities and how to deal with them. But I don't think I have insecurities, I'm having clarity.
It's always about people thinking they are too ugly and boring to socialise with other people, then the advice is aimed at showing you're not ugly and boring. That's great if you indeed aren't, but I'm sure there's still a place in this world for those of us that are.

Just rewatched The Fountain with Rachel Weisz. I had seen it decades ago, ok just over one decade ago, but remembered nothing of it. I just remember the feeling of pride that I understood something of it, which doesn't happen often. Now, I either understand something different, or am more used to this type of film, or am missing something I should actually have understood, but it seemed rather obvious how the timelines were linked. It was very beautifully done, I liked seeing it and love these types of concept films.

Trying to swipe right on Instagram posts, only to be faced with my own face.
(A bit of a lie, this is only on my tablet. On my phone I have camera and microphone permissions refused for the Instagram app, so I'll only get the popups. I'm not convinced Instagram wasn't listening to conversations.)

I did a quick check whether the embed functionality is working these days. My results:

  • Instagram: no
  • Twitter: yes, quite nicely
  • Tumblr: not really
  • Mastodon: not really
  • Friendica: no

The tumblr result surprised me, it is supposed to work. It is legal and not a copyright breach to include a Twitter embed of a post on your own site and it supports the poster without e.g. stealing an artist's work.
This was while testing with wordpress and its standard embed flow. When using iframely though it's quite different. (iframely is a commercial embed api provider and you can test urls at

There Instagram works because they have a valid api key for it. Tumblr also works as it should. Surprisingly Mastodon also gets a rich embed card. Not so surprisingly anymore when I saw that their marketing docs literally mention that they include support for:

"distributed platforms such as Peertube and Mastodon"
Which leaves only Friendica, which gets the default fallback of a standard summary card.

Pleroma when receiving a picture from Socialhome: let's show it twice(*), just in case.
Pleroma when receiving a picture from Friendica: let's show it three times(**), must be important.

(*) once the inline picture, again as the attachment, because it doesn't recognise the picture is already shown inline.
(**) same, but also as link preview because the Friendica inline preview image has a link to the full image, which Pleroma thinks it needs to generate another preview for.

(I understand how this happens so no complaint, a rule like 'don't show an attachment already shown inline' was never claimed to be implemented and may not even be possible. That Mastodon correctly shows the picture once is just because it can't show inline images at all)

Looking very debonair.

I walked around a bit this evening. When I was walking along an empty road, a flock of gulls kept following me circling over my head very loudly. I was thinking to myself this would be very worrying if they were vultures, but now it's just weird. I've understood this gull behaviour is when they're hunting for baby ducks and are trying to disperse the parent ducks, but I'm neither a baby duck nor a parent duck.

I understand that content warnings don't work in Friendica for your own posts, while they do work for other people's posts. The argument seems to be that you don't need to be warned for content you wrote yourself.

But by that same argument, should your own posts appear in the network timeline at all?

I must have missed that when we signed up for the internet the form said that your task as internet citizen is to go and judge peoples' appearances.
So this young woman posts a photo with her friend. Random internet stranger writes 'the one on the right is a hottie'. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that the profile page he's writing this on is of 'the one on the right'. But it seems clear that he has no concept of the people on the other end of his keyboard being actual human beings.

Content warning: Russian disregard for humans, war, -

Who will win, the sound of my phone, the neighbour's sound system or the neighbourhood dog?

Narrator: It's the dog.

"Journalists were actually actively looking for the contrarians."

Hence the problems.

If 999 out of 1000 scientists say sane environmental things and 1 is paid to believe the opposite, a journalist presenting both sides equally is not presenting a valid picture.

There are no words. How do you ever make it good again to those kids?
#SesamePlace #sesamestreet

#BabyPaige & her cute lil friends went to @SesamePlace this weekend to celebrate Paige's 4th birthday & this is how #SesamePlace treated these beautiful Black children. I'm HOT.

When walking outside just before traditional dinner time (other people's, I'm not that organised) I noticed almost only men were walking their dog while this normally is much more mixed. But I understand what happens in these families: the woman has just started making dinner and kicked the man out of the house to walk the dog so he won't get in the way. We live in such an old-fashioned society...

Giving Archive 81 on Netflix a chance. Looks interesting. In a surprise move from me it's not because it has an actress I'm following in it. Things can change of course...
@Mary Mara's Kitten Bakery I've only seen the first episode so far so I can't really say yet. It takes the whole episode, maybe more, to get the story going. I don't know yet whether it's a mystery or more of a horror / thriller kind of thing. It's at least interesting enough to watch some more episodes (another day).

Premise: a guy has a job restoring old damaged videocamera tapes, but has a mystery in his own past. Why he has this job is unclear. In another timeline a woman films moving into an appartement building and interviewing the residents. Why she does this is unclear. It's her tapes he's restoring (so the pov of the story keeps flipping between the timelines quite naturally). Somehow his mystery and her mystery could be intertwined.

If online clothes shopping would have been a good idea, real life clothes stores would not have had fitting rooms.

Arrogant rich guy takes new girl to his castle, then leaves her outside while he goes in, saying 'you'd better not come in, just look around the grounds or something'. I had already seen the last episodes of the miniseries so I know she's still going to marry him.

I noticed A Very British Scandal is on Amazon Prime so I can catch up on the episodes I missed. Because Claire Foy plays the lead and she's an amazing actress.
#AVeryBritishScandal #ClaireFoy

A UK standup comedian (I think I remember which one but I'm not sure) once made a joke which wasn't really a joke because it's actually true: to check whether someone is suitable to own a gun there's only one question they need to ask, which is: 'do you want to own a gun' and if the answer is 'yes, I want to own a gun' then this person is not suitable to own a gun.

Brooklynn dyed her roots again at the earliest opportunity! I really like these little touches like showing the passing of time by her pink hair growing out.

Watching season 5 of #JurassicWorldCampCretaceous out today on #Netflix, because #JennaOrtega is voicing Brooklynn.

It's like sometime long ago I told a genie that I wanted to be more attractive and now I have all the mosquitoes coming for me.

Russia is like that stereotypical evil character in a tv show that while torturing their victim says 'just give in, you're only prolonging your suffering'.

"temporarily unsuspended", 'No refuge from campaign teams in toilets', "standing there clapping the man they just stabbed in the back". It is such a saga.

I'm almost at the end of three seasons of a Spanish series and I'm starting to learn some words. Maybe I can start to write some dialogue myself...

- Adelante, por favor
- Vamos
- Claro

Ok, not great I admit...