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As I see it, their second amendment doesn't allow private gun ownership.

Great to hear that # is going ahead with trying # integration. When I first saw them posting that, they confused indieweb with Mastodon, so I didn't have much faith. Now they seem to know indieweb and activitypub are two different and interesting targets to connect with.

I mean, WordPress can already do indieweb with the right plugins and tumblr sort of is WordPress these days... (well, owned by)

There was a time when a politician's position could become 'untenable'...

Now, e.g. in the UK, a Prime Minister can take 'full responsibility' and then nothing happens. Other ministers can have reports published confirming they bullied staff, or wholly mismanaged an evacuation, and nothing happens.

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are you dure you're talking about UK? Seems so much like Italy!
@Rothgar The problem seems to exist in a lot of countries including mine, but the examples are from the UK, two of the three even this week.

She lights the candle with a lighter, what kind of witch does that?

I was about two pages into writing a blog post that was supposed to be short and think it'd be another two pages, when the thought struck that this was all nonsense. Anyway, I'll leave it as a draft for a bit, see what I think later.

The incredible sickness of the American soul is visible in every single aspect of this tragedy. A complete failure on every level. How do these people live with themselves? Why do we let them?

woman: *exists on the internet*
man: this seems enough encouragement for me to go review her face

(sub-post, this person is now blocked locally, it troubles me that I don't know what else I can or should do)

There was a large spot of dirt on a chair on the balcony that I cleaned off with a cloth. Then the dirt, while on the cloth while in my hand, spread its wings and flew off. Made me jump a bit.

I hope it's ok. It landed on the window, where it still is now. It looks undamaged.

I guess I was already old when I was a child. Or at least it seems that way.

A lot of what you're supposed to get up to when you're a child or teenager involves interacting with other people. So if you don't really know how to do that, what remains is what old people do, just going from one day to the next.

Failing being a positive person when fans share the new Wednesday poster for Jenna Ortega's Netflix series, are happy, and I just see "Fall 2022" on it. That's so far away!
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Did my 100th Wordle today and am on a streak of 35. I'm happy about it since the game is not in my own language.

There have been enough Someone should do something-days that I know that ultimately nothing will get done and I'm at a loss how to change it. Yet again many children have died in the US, very young ones this time, again. But the majority of elected leaders in that country are of the opinion that guns are more important than those children's lives, so it doesn't seem they will change anything.

It seems a typically American problem, but I guess one possible solution is the same as in other democracies: make it clear as a voter that you have your red lines. It's all good weighing different parts of someone's political stance and stepping over some things in favour of other things, but if you step over them allowing children being murdered, at least know who and what you are.

There's this group that's so anti-abortion that they allow themselves to support candidates that cause children's deaths. You are seen for what you are.
They are already moving towards doing nothing, way sooner than normal. I'm sick.

Today two films with @jennaortega came out on blu-ray: # and #. This is US-only and may not be playable in other regions. For @xmovie the blu-ray is listed in Europe on 20 June (UK) and the 4k collectors edition with two different covers on 2 September (Germany).

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Obviously I'm getting that UK blu-ray when it comes out and obviously nothing is listed for my own country, but I'm thinking whether I should also get the German 4k disc... But I'm not going to wait for it. And I can't decide between the two covers...

Getting German discs is easy in the single market, but their menus, box and subtitles are in German, which is not my preferred language. They do have the interesting feature however that the cover can be turned inside-out to show the exact same artwork but without the age rating on it.

Standard US shipping for a printed magazine issue: $4.99. International shipping (which is everywhere else, including Canada and US territories): $50.00. Just say you don't want to ship internationally.

Content warning: wordle

A bit annoyed that this company said they would ship today, deliver tomorrow, since that factored into my decision to place this order with them yesterday, but there has been no movement on the order progress since then. We'll see.
To add insult to injury, they send an email upon eventually shipping the order, saying "Yay, you're order shipped earlier than expected!". I guess that depends on what you were expecting, it's certainly later than advertised.

Watching Crowded and episode two already has that argument scene. I remember them telling that when Miranda Cosgrove and Mia Serafino had some time between scenes they decided to practise that argument scene somewhere offstage. The show is filmed in front of an audience and they could see the two lead actresses having some massive argument in some corner. Caused a lot of confusion. In reality Miranda and Mia are best of friends, still are.

Happy 29th Birthday Miranda Cosgrove!

Her film North Hollywood is out on blu-ray 9 June (in Europe) and can be preordered. In the meantime, let's celebrate by rewatching her great performances like in Crowded and The Intruders. Also, here are some of her recent Instagram photos.

Miranda looking at the camera, arm over her head
Miranda leaning on a table with snacks, smiling

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It's also totally Miranda Cosgrove's birthday today, I was just thinking and posting about her completely unrelated to that.

You may know her as the executive producer of the iCarly reboot (or as singer, or as actress).

Happy 29th birthday Miranda!

Even more reason to rewatch some Crowded today.

Just some things today on my computer...

Friendica 'News' message just came in from a year ago
Battery percentage at absolute zero

It has been 0% for hours now, I'm ignoring it.

The use of the 'Moore' family name in tv show in-jokes. In the zombie-show, iZombie, the zombie character played by Rose McIver was called Olivia ('Liv') Moore. Miranda Cosgrove played Carly Shay in iCarly, then her next big show she was Shea Moore in Crowded.

(It's my head cannon that Shea grew up watching iCarly and having Carly as role model)

Remembering that time when Miranda Cosgrove and Mia Serafino were doing an hour long live to promote their show Crowded. Also, Miranda's friend had a litter of kittens, so they had gone over there to film. The result was that there was much cooing over kittens and 10 seconds before their show would start they were like 'We forgot to promote the show. Anyway, go watch Crowded!'.

(Great show though, and cute kittens)
Miranda's live tweeting was still kitten pictures.

I like that they did these promotional things out of the control of the studio. No way the legal department of the studio would have allowed to use the house of an unrelated, non-celebrity, individual.
Another week, there were more people there for the live, including the guy who plays their father in the show (Patrick Warburton). They were playing a game of Never Have I Ever, and when the question came up of sneaking out of the window to go to a party your parents had forbidden you to go to, all eyes turned to Mia since her image is a bit of trouble personified (I can't speak for the real her of course). But she never had done that. Slowly they saw that only Miranda had her hand raised, having ever done that before, causing him to say in his deep booming voice: "No! Not the Good One!", which incidentally is literally a line from the show.

Jenna Ortega's film X is out on blu-ray 20 June (24 May for those in the US) and can be preordered now. I loved this so much when I saw it in the cinema! No 4k-disc, sadly. Her film Scream is already out on 4k.
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Who keeps switching the lights on and off aka cloudy weather.

β€˜Scream 6’: Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding and Jenna Ortega toΒ Return…

Still think it's funny that Hayley Atwell had her driver's licence picture taken as Agent Carter (in a quick break during filming). Anyway, watching it now (the series, not the driver's license).
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Buying cheap shoes to save on shoe polish.

Watching Pixie with Olivia Cooke on Film1 since it just came out there. So far it's quite funny and I really like what she's doing with the character Pixie so far. Seemingly she stumbles into events with two boys she knows doing a little crime around Ireland, but the little crime involves a million dollars of drugs and several murders and she turns out to be more the criminal mastermind type than the girl tagging along.
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Getting ready to press play on the latest episode of @iCarly at 3pm PST! Gonna follow along with @NathanKress @iCarly and @paramountplus and do a live watch party πŸ’• This episode guest stars my friend @ItsJoshPeck and was directed by @NathanKress 🀍


@jennaortega tired: on Wednesdays we wear pink.

wired: Wednesday wears pink on the first monday in may!

Turns out that if someone uses the move-account function on Mastodon, their Mastodon followers get transferred nicely, but if you're a follower on Friendica and/or Pleroma you have to re-follow them yourself.

(I'm sorry for the multiple follow requests from multiple accounts...)

In 1989 I was 19 years old, so you'd think that musically this would totally be my era and that the 1989 # would totally be my music. But none of them.

I think there's a combination of music being even more regionally separated (marketing-wise) than films and the main problem that I just have a weird taste in music.

I'm now wondering where I can find a list of albums by year to check what I listened too.

here is the field for the 1989 #

Well, there's this list, but it's still very American:

From that I only get Throwing Muses, 10,000 Maniacs, The The, The Sugarcubes and of all things, Transvision Vamp. Yes, I own up to that.

An extremely smart person I once spoke with said something that I always thought was very intriguing. Essentially she pointed out that the way the human brain works when a man and a woman meet is counterproductive: the more you like someone, the more nervous you are and the worse the impression you make. (My words, I guess she put it better.) I've thought about that a lot. I think that's why some people always end up with the wrong partner: people are attracted to confidence and the confident person who talks to you is not the one who cares the most about what you think about them.

Using the # frontend ( on top of # works quite nicely. Shows me some aspects of the timeline I was missing (like replies people post as a flat timeline) but I'm missing some aspects I'm used to seeing (like an indication that something is a reply, or who reshared it, or link previews). I'll be switching between the two for a bit.

Now one of my all time favourite films, though I suspect quite unknown, Angel Baby with Jacqueline McKenzie. It's an Australian film from 1995 and is about mental health, love, self-determination, and is extremely well acted. I mean, goosebumps.
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dvd cover, she rests her head on his shoulder
The seagull impression... so good!
The film asks uncomfortable questions about how much someone is allowed to make medical decisions about themselves.

The story and the acting are central here, as films should be. Totally a classic.

Another post to a private forum, without being a member.
Post to a private forum, but I'm not a member.