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I was wondering whether there was some kind of 'name my project' generator out there and it turns out there's a whole business around it. All the ones I saw though are very very bad.
Trying a random word generator instead. Ok, "earwax" it is.

First ever tweet:
just setting up my twttr

Second ever tweet:
where's that edit button?

Content warning: long, thoughts about tumblr and what its differentiating factors are to me

I forgot: side-blogs! At least Friendica has that. Ideal for different thematic channels...

It's the Freaky Friday episode... 😒

Also in another storyline, and I don't know how these things usually work, but is it customary for a woman to make a withdrawal at a sperm bank?

I'm going to have to figure out what music I was listening to in 1999, but those 8x4 'best' albums of 1999 aren't it. Most I've never even heard of. Guess regional differences were even greater back then.

"End User License Agreement"

Hang on, why would I want to end the agreement?

When Republicans are complaining about a thing, it's never really about the thing itself for them. They see politics and I guess all of life as a game, a debating game, where they analyse their opponents and see everything different from the norm as an opportunity to attack their opponents with. While to normal people taking a risk with anything (from fashion choices to supporting something ahead of the bandwagon) would be celebrated, they pounce on it. If it's something actually wrong, they enlarge it beyond recognition.

It's not even about them not doing the same thing. It's still that game: if your opponent has an opportunity to attack you back on the same thing, but doesn't, they don't see their own failing, but their opponent's weakness.

This is even true with Clinton's email server: they weren't phased one bit when it came out they did the same thing, because that never was the issue.

So don't debate back on the issue. Ignore. Don't point out the hypocrisy, they don't care. Don't reply. Counter with things they do wrong, for there are many.

Happy Easter / Passover / Ramadan / Holiday / Sunday!
(or whatever else applies)

Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa in Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina in Sabrina The Teenage Witch) posted this photo of Miranda Cosgrove (Carly in iCarly) on her Instagram and I have questions. I also don't have access to the iCarly reboot, so that's probably why.
#MirandaCosgrove #iCarly #LeadActressesAllTheWay
Miranda on the iCarly set showing a tattoo under her foot of a person's face. I'm guessing it's not real and part of this week's story.

I really like this photo that Rachael Leigh Cook just posted of herself on Instagram. Such a gorgeous smile. Most people will know her from She's All That, Josie and The Pussycats and the tv series Perception. Reading through her imdb just now I came across more titles I have seen and am thinking how I can rewatch those.
Rachael takes a selfie outdoors, lifting her sunglasses and smiling brightly.

Rewatching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season one and I had forgotten what the name of Chloe Bennet's character was in this season. She's had a few.

Look what has arrived today and what I'll be watching! #ScreamMovie with #JennaOrtega is out on various discs in Europe this month.
Cover of the Scream 4k blu-ray, with the whole cast, new and old, in front of a looming ghostface figure.

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I had seen this in the cinema and Jenna was so good in it!
Right from the start it's an acting masterclass by Jenna.

Reminded that the Chernobyl accident happened when they were doing a test, but at the last moment decided to do the test even more safely than originally planned. I.e. to do the test differently than originally planned... Don't do that.
"So we planned, prepared and calculated to do this test at full power. Half power must be safer, what even are nonlinear characteristics" (Chernobyl)

"So we prepared and tested to automatically and regularly delete log files on this computer, but we have enough storage, they are only small and who knows we need them anyway, what even are inodes" (a Mars rover)

Edit: in trying to find details for the latter point I can only find info about the Spirit rover running out of disk space due to forgetting to delete old files, so nothing to do with inodes nor with a change of plan. So I guess I was misinformed about that.

Some say "but what if we can't buy Russian gas anymore?". Actually, let's fully stop dealing with Russia including not buying their gas. It'll be hard, but it's needed. As silver lining we can use the gas price increases to urgently switch to more sustainable energy consumption.
It may seem odd to include that last point now, but the thing is we should have done this ages ago.

Republican senators in the US that hear all the evidence, weigh all the information, then come to the conclusion that she's black.

Will there finally be a story in a film or tv episode where the female character at the end of it doesn't choose between the male characters on offer, but just says no I have better things to do with my life than marrying the least worst option.
Though I was watching an Agatha Christie story so I guess she should be happy they all survived.

"I mean, anyone would think that a vagina was an invisibility cloak."
-- Carolyn

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New thriller with Jenna Ortega announced: Finestkind will be on Paramount+ where it does or will exist, with the possibility that we may get to see it elsewhere too.
#JennaOrtega #Finestkind…
Pictures of the four actors mentioned in the link.

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Watching Stephanie Leonidas in the episode she filmed in Amsterdam, for Van der Valk, since the dvd arrived.
#StephanieLeonidas #VanDerValk

Rewatching The Fallout since it's just such a good film.
Another thing you wouldn't guess from the trailer is that this film at times is very funny.
That was great to rewatch.

Can someone put another quarter into the internet box?
If operated as a swear jar it would just pay for itself.

Watching Ciara Bravo in Small Engine Repair. I missed when it was in the cinema in NL, if it ever was, but it's on digital now.
Of course there's something else...
Can't say more about it, but it's certainly an interesting film.

Me not understanding how the final episode of Doctor Who with Jodie and Mandip ended can be explained by it not actually being the final episode: we're getting another one with them 17 April. And I think another one after that, though I'm not sure.

Just back from watching Studio 666 in the cinema. I knew Jenna Ortega would be in it for only a bit, which was true. Impressive how even in these small moments she delivers and makes the experience intense and captivating.
# #

Season four of You (on Netflix) will have the amazingly talented Amy-Leigh Hickman in it. I'm also hoping we are getting Jenna Ortega back as Ellie, who already showed her extraordinary talents in S2. That would make for the perfect season!
#AmyLeighHickman #YouNetflix

Season four of @YouNetflix will have the amazingly talented @AmyLHickman in it. I'm also hoping we are getting @jennaortega back as Ellie, who already showed her extraordinary talents in S2. That would make the perfect season!
# #

EXCLUSIVE: Tilly Keeper, Amy Leigh Hickman, and Ed Speleers have joined # as series regulars opposite Penn Badgley in the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix series, which will be set in a new location, London

Today Studio 666 is released in Dutch cinemas. This means that currently *three* films with Jenna Ortega are playing in the same cinema each day, as Scream and X are also running!
# # # #

The video for Dove Cameron's song Boyfriend is out now:
#DoveCameron #Boyfriend

"Zelensky vraagt: stop met de import van Russische olie en gas.

Dat gaat enorme impact hebben op onze economie, op onze levens.

Maar als het ons echt menens is, als we naast OekraΓ―ne staan, dan pakken we hier op door."

@jesseklaver in debat over de toespraak van @ZelenskyyUa:

"Russia threatens to stop supplying gas if not paid in roubles"

Let them. There are short term, midterm and long term solutions that we should have done ages ago. Let's use this blackmail to actually go ahead and achieve energy independence (from some other countries as well) and save the environment at the same time. It'll cost money, damage the economy, but that's both the price to pay for taking a moral stance to not finance a war, and the cost of acting too late to get our energy consumption in order. It's not as if we didn't know this already.

Oh wow, apparently Mastodon is going to get editing. I didn't know that. The stuff I miss when I don't follow the developments.

Edit: nothing to edit but I do it anyway for purposes of snark.

On March 24 2009, I wrote my first essay about my harrowing experience as a child model working in the fashion industry.

Today is the release of season two of Bridgerton on Netflix. I came to watch season one because of Harriet Cains, Kathryn Drysdale and Phoebe Dynevor and came to love the performances by Claudia Jessie and Florence Hunt as well. So yeah, I'll be watching season two!

Yesterday a carpenter came round to do some work on the kitchen. He asked what work I do. When I mentioned that I made computer programs, he said that he only knew it as being about ones and zeros, but putting them in the correct order. And I guess, he's so right?

All season they're working towards this moment that the big evil throws the whole world into disarray and one double episode later big evil is just 'oh, you don't like it? we'll revert everything'.

Just saw someone posting that they couldn't see a certain film in the cinema since they didn't have anyone to see it with who had the same taste in films. Weird. I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema with anyone instead of going alone. Must be decades ago. Same for concerts.